Wednesday, March 2, 2016

beautyblender - Old vs. New

I recently purchased a new beautyblender! Mine was over six months old and looking pretty sad. Because I had both the old and new at my disposal, I decided to see how a used and abused sponge vs. a shiny a new sponge looks.

Here's the two sponges while dry. You can see that the old one is much bigger dry than the new one, which is compact and...clean.

I went ahead and wet the two sponges, since that's how they're supposed to be used. The new one is still a bit smaller. The old one has more visible cracks in it from use. The newer one definitely had more bounce in it as well.

When I wet my beautyblender before use, I also clean it using a bar of Dr. Bronner's soap. (It's cheap, lasts forever, and works like a charm! Save money!) As you saw in the other photos, the used beautyblender had some stains on it near the top and bottom, since I did not wash it this time when I wet it. I cut the old one open, and you can see how much product was leftover from my foundation that morning. However, the rest of the sponge was pretty clean, meaning washing as often as it is used is a pretty good way to keep the sponge clean. There's no product at the top, since I had used the tip to blend in my concealer only. The bottom of the sponge seems to have soaked up a decent amount of product, though.

There you have it! The quick and dirty differences between a new and an old beautyblender. Can't wait to break this new one in!

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