Tuesday, March 22, 2016

First Glow Recipe Order! LJH & Blossom Jeju

I'm somewhat obsessed with building and customizing my Korean style skincare routine. By Korean style, I mean putting an emphasis on layering products to achieve results, not just using Korean products. When it came time to add some new products, I turned to a retailer I had read about on other blogs. (Fifty Shades of Snail, no shame!)

Glow Recipe is a K-Beauty retailer based in the United States. Their shop is a curated collection of products that the owners fully believe in, citing natural ingredients and natural beauty as the driving force behind what products they choose to offer. Since they're based stateside, prices are a bit more expensive than ordering from Korea - when you don't consider the usual shipping by weight that ordering from Korea entails. I'm happy to pay a bit more for the convenience and not having to wait weeks for my order to arrive! They also offer free shipping over $50. Since it was my first order, I also received a 10% off code! The site states free samples with every order, but I did not receive any in mine. I consider it a trade off for getting my package so quickly! I ordered on a Monday, it shipped on Tuesday, and it was in my hands that Wednesday. A perk of living the next state over!

Onto the products - I picked up two new goodies that I've been thinking of getting for a while. A new essence and a new serum! Since I've had them about a month now, I feel confident in talking about integrating them into my routine and the results I've seen.

LJH (Leejiham) Tea Tree 90 Essence - I know some skin doesn't like tea tree, but mine does! This essence is 90% tea tree extract, and claims to help with sensitive, irritated, and troubled skin. I bought this because I was looking to reduce redness, and help control oil. The essence itself is on the more liquidy side, and doesn't have a discernible scent. It sinks in very quickly. I apply three or four drops in the morning, after toning. I originally was using it at night, but I switched to the morning to see if it would help with oil production (which kills my foundation!) throughout the day. I'm happy to say it has! I have noticed less oil breaking up my makeup during the day, and I am less shiny. I don't really notice my skin feeling extra moisturized with this essence, so I add other essences and serums to my routine in the morning if that's what I'm needing. 
$45.00 for 50 ml

Blossom Jeju Pink Camellia Soombi Essence Serum - What a mouthful! This serum is meant to add moisture, and leave behind a dewy, smooth complexion. Sign me up! There is also a non-pink version of this serum, which I passed on in favor of this one, due to the "dewy and smooth" portion of the description. This serum is more viscous, and has a very heavy floral scent. I personally don't have an issue with fragrances irritating my skin, but YMMV. I used two drops of this at night, and it spreads nicely. It takes a bit of patting to make sure it has absorbed, but it does not sit heavy on the skin. I definitely get a moisture boost when using this serum, and layered with other products my skin is positively dewy and bright. 
$64.00 for 30 ml

I'm very happy with my first purchase from Glow Recipe! It helps that the packaging on the products is wonderful - both are in glass bottles with little droppers, and look beautiful on my dresser. (Normally things are in the bathroom, but I love having these on display!)(Also, the medicine cabinet is full...oops!) Next time I'm looking for something a little fancier (that Blossom Jeju bottle, come on!) to add to my routine, Glow Recipe will definitely be my first stop. 

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