Saturday, March 10, 2018

What's In My Travel Bag - Las Vegas!

I've never done a post about what I travel with, and what better time to start than with my first trip to Las Vegas! I really do try to pare down what I bring, but it isn't easy. I'm flying with only a carryon, so I'm limited to just a quart sized bag for my liquid products. Here's a quick look at what I've decided to bring!

I'll start with all of the makeup I'm bringing. I'm wearing a lot of either black or white, so I decided I'll bring a lot of bold pink lipsticks, which happen to be my favorite! I have liquid (Chanel Rouge Allure Ink), cream (Urban Decay Vice), and tint (Dior Addict Lip Tattoo) as formula options. I'm also bringing along my trusty Fenty Gloss Bomb and Bite Beauty lip pencil for a less bright lip option.

I'm keeping the rest of my options fairly basic. A neutral blush and a bright blush, a buildable highlighter, setting powder (how CUTE is that Laura Mercier mini?), and a finishing powder. For eye makeup, I have a palette with brights (Too Faced Peachy Mattes) and a neutral palette (Viseart Neutral Mattes.) I also have a glitter (Urban Decay Distortion) and a minty green (By Terry Fizzy Jade) for fun eye options. My trusty Kat von D Tattoo liner is coming with me, and I'm bringing a mini of the new LancĂ´me Monsieur Big mascara.

I'm debating taking the Fenty foundation, mostly because it's the best shade fit, but it's got more of a matte finish than I'd like. I actually received the new Marc Jacobs foundation right beforeI left(after taking these photos, of course...) so I wound up taking that with me to try out. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is the only concealer I own, so that comes with me as well. The only mini setting spray I have that I really like is the Kat von D spray, which is no Fix+, but it'll get the job done.

Skincare is more difficult, since most products are cream or liquid. I managed to get around bringing a liquid cleanser thanks to the Tosowoong Powder Wash. It foams up decently! I'll be trying out the Son & Park Beauty Water, finally! I'll be using that in addition to my cleanser as I don't have an oil or balm cleanser to take with me. I have some belif minis for my moisturizer and eye cream. I'm also taking the last of my bottle of A'pieu sunscreen.

I always bring an assortment of sheet masks with me. Since they're individually sealed, they don't count towards my bag of liquids. The Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta pads are individually sealed as well, which gets me some decent exfoliants as well as saving precious bag space. I need to double check my stash for essence and serum samples, because otherwise those masks are going to be filling that step in for me as well. (More foil packets don't hurt, either!)

In terms of haircare, I have a bumble and bumble mini set of shampoo and conditioner in my gym bag that I'll be bringing (thanks, Sephora birthday gift!) Normally I would use whatever the hotel provides and deal with it, but since I just colored my hair and the bumble and bumble set is sulfate free, I'm taking those. I also have the last of an Alterna volumizing spray, and I'll pair it with the Ouai Wave spray I have in my gym bag. I also have this cute Amika dry shampoo I'll be taking as well.

I try not to overload on tools. I bring the least amount of makeup brushes I can get away with. I don't need a big powder brush because I can just apply powder with my beautyblender. I use the thick Hourglass brush to apply finishing powder, and I can also use that for any serious buffing I may need to do as well. I'm also taking the Amika Polished Perfection brush with me to keep my bangs in check. As much as I'd love to take my Dyson dryer, it'll take up half my bag! I'll also be taking a handful of Shiseido cottons and Q-tips with me, along with hair ties and bobby pins.

I really do recommend hoarding any minis if you know you'll be traveling in the near future. A mini moisturizer isn't going to last for a week+ trip, but for a long weekend, it's perfect! All of the things I'm bringing manage to fit into the quart bag for my liquids and a jumbo pink Glossier zip top, so I'd say I did a good job scaling back my routines for my trip.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

February Empties & Reverse Rouge Check In

February is over, meaning I get to purge last month's trash! I used up a bunch of products this month, I'm pretty proud of myself. I still have a huge backlog, but every little bit helps! There's a good mix of makeup, skincare, and haircare this month. I've also got my totals towards the Reverse Rouge Challenge further on in this post!

Lots of trash!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February 2018 Favorites!

I actually had a hard time picking my favorite products for February. I haven't really bought a ton of new stuff, so I was picking from items I use all the time. I didn't want to feature the same things again (yes, I love MJ Air Blush in Flesh & Fantasy, but we know that!) so it was a little more difficult picking things this time around. There's a couple new things I haven't featured, and one of my all time favorites in the mix.
Nivea Oil Infused Lotion, Zoya Kimber, Alterna Volume Spray, Fenty Pro Filt'r Foundation, IGK Down & Dirty Spray

Monday, February 26, 2018

Recent Purchases, Repurchases, and Acquisitions

I think it's a good sign for my low buy that I don't have enough stuff for a purchase post AND a repurchase post. It's my birthday month and I was pretty restrained, as you can see. (Unlike last year...) Two of these products were sent to me for review, so I didn't even buy everything here! I'm super excited about everything, though.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

I Tried Glossier Solution So You Don't Have To!

Glossier announced a new addition to their skincare line last month - Solution. A chemical exfoliant touted as an "exfoliating skin perfector," Glossier claims that their Solution will "transform skin in four weeks." Naturally, as a skincare aficionado and a lover of a good miracle, I accepted the bait and purchased Solution. I also bought the Glossier branded cottons for $4, since buying the two enabled me to get free shipping under their normal free shipping threshold.

Glossier Solution

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Dyson Supersonic - Thoughts From Someone Terrible With Hair

A $400 hairdryer. Of course it's a Dyson - with that design and price tag, who else would make it? I received the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer this past Christmas. It had been on my wishlist as sort of a  "stretch" gift, and I'm really happy that I received it. (My old $30 dryer was on its way out.) However, it's still a luxury item, and I wanted to talk about my feelings regarding it.

The Dyson Supersonic

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Why I'm Hardcore Destashing, & Recently Destashed Products

As apart of my Reverse Rouge challenge for the year, and in general, I try to destash a lot of my beauty products that I am no longer in love with. I try to do a lot of destashing by rehoming my products, because sometimes trashing them just doesn't feel right - especially easily sanitized powder products and tube lipsticks. Over the past few months I've done a lot of destashing, but really gone into high gear lately with finding more outlets to just get things out of my house.

I first started destashing and rehoming my makeup on the Makeup Exchange subreddit. It's a great place, because it's all fellow beauty addicts looking for limited edition or gently used makeup items. It's also a great place to put out some feelers for any "white whale" products you may have.

I've had a lot of success destashing my lightly used items on Mercari. My listings are here, in case you're interested in anything I'm looking to find a better home for! The best part is, Mercari can be used for all sorts of things, not just beauty items. It also makes the process extremely easy for buyers and sellers. (I promise I am saying all of this of my own volition!)

At this point, I have so much stuff that I'm not really trying to get most of my money back - just trying to unload a lot of my products. Here's a quick rundown of products I've fallen out of love with, and why I'm destashing them.