Friday, May 22, 2015

Fyrinnae Kitten vs. Colourpop Tootsi - Comparison Post

If you haven't noticed, I am all about the "butthole lip" trend, aka "griege" lip colors. Every company and their mother have jumped to create a griege lip shade, especially since Lime Crime decided to crash and burn hardcore with their credit card debacle earlier this year. On top of, you know, their general shady history. However, Lime Crime Cashmere is the end all be all of butthole lip, and I am on a quest to find an amazing dupe so I don't have to sell my soul or even worse, set aside my morals for a tube of most likely questionable butthole goodness.

Today I'm taking a look at one of my favorite indie companies, Fyrinnae, and their recent addition to their liquid matte line, Kitten. Next to it we are putting ColourPop Tootsi, which I have previously reviewed. (And since picked up the matching lip liner.) Fyrinnae Kitten has been selling like hot cakes since it went up on the site (and every time it is restocked!), and I managed to finally snag it a few weeks ago and I am SO HAPPY. Tootsi is a hot item as well, since it's basically butthole for $5 - can't say no to that!

Before we begin, when I compare two products like this, I am comparing for shade purposes only. Kitten is a liquid matte, with the formula being like an ink for your lips, you can see it in the swatch that it has sunk into my skin, almost. Tootsi is a regular lipstick with a "matte" finish. I say "matte" because ColourPop doesn't know what matte means and from my experience, when they say "matte lipstick" they mean demi-matte.

Kitten is definitely the more gray of the two, with a beautiful grayish lavender shade. Greige is supposed to be a mix of beige and grey, so I'd say Kitten doesn't really fall into that category due to the amount of purple that it's in the mix here. Tootsi has a hint of pink to it as well, but definitely more beige, and a lot less gray. In the quest for butthole, I'd say Tootsi is more the color of the classic butthole lip, and Kitten is more of a fabulous garden fairy lip color. Neither, though, are a true griege in my opinion.

I'm still on my quest for the great Cashmere griege dupe. But I'm glad I have both of these shades!


  1. The way you've worded everything is truly phenominal.

  2. I bought Fyrinnae Ominous when I was trying to find a greige color. It's a bit more gray than beige, but over a lip liner it might look more similar to Cashmere. Also, maybe NYX High Voltage Lipstick in Stone would be a good one to look at-it's more beige than gray though.

  3. I enjoy the fact that there is a measurement for more "classic butthole" vs "garden fairy butthole".

  4. Tootsie looks SO pretty. *Adds to her never ending Colourpop wishlist*