Thursday, May 7, 2015

Lit Cosmetics Glitter Haul and Swatches

Anyone who talks to me about makeup knows that I love glitter. I add it to my eye makeup, I add it to my nails, I use it as liner - I'm all about adding a touch of sparkle. My favorite glitter is Lit Cosmetics glitter, and I love placing orders with them because they're fast and their customer service is tops. I recently placed an order and here's what I picked up!

Superfly is a "shimmering gunmetal black holographic glitter." Holographic finish glitter is cut in a way to reflect all primary colors. I took macro shots of the glitters so you could see the details, and you can really see the rainbow of colors Superfly is reflecting here. I picked up Superfly in size 3, which is a medium cut (and my preferred size for Lit glitters.)

Heavy Metal is described as "Silver, Copper, Gold and Grey." The copper and gold really stand out here, but the silver and grey are evident in the blend as well. This is a size 3 as well, and it is a solid glitter, meaning there's no multi color reflection.

A "soft pink rainbow shimmer," Hunny Bunny is a very hot pink shade. I picked it up because of the name, I automatically add things with 'bunny' to my cart. Shimmer shades from Lit are translucent with a rainbow halo reflection, which is somewhat evidenced in the macro shot here. I also picked this up in a size 3.

Lime Squeeze is a "green with yellow highlights" solid. Only offered in a size 2, this shade was the entire reason for my order. I really needed a bright green to go with my VfL Wolfsburg jersey! You can really see the yellow pop in this macro shot.

Angel Eyes is the promotional glitter that comes with every Lit order with three or more glitters. Lit changes up their promo glitter every so often, usually seasonally. Angel Eyes is a beautiful orchid shade. It's a solid glitter, in size 2. 

All of the swatches were done with Lit Clearly Liquid Glitter Base. The wonderful reps at Lit included an extra bottle in my order since they noticed it was my second order from them! (What did I say about great customer service!) You can see that the size 3 glitters are clearly chunkier than the size 2. I find that the size 2 glitters can sometimes get clumpy if you use too much base, but it's a matter of practice makes perfect when getting the perfect ratio of glitter to adhesive.

I'm so excited to work with all my new sparkles!


  1. After seeing this post, I'm trying desperately to resist the urge to pick up some glitters (especially Lime Squeeze and Heavy Metal).

  2. I didn't know those came in different glitter sizes. Do tutorials on how to use them...just for me cause I don't know how to use them.