Thursday, May 28, 2015

Blooddrop Fineries Moonstone perfume oil - Review

I'm excited to be reviewing my first perfume from Blooddrop Fineries! I picked this up in my recent order from The Rhinestone Housewife. Moonstone is apart of a set of perfume oils that looked to encapsulate precious and semi-precious stones. I picked up Moonstone because the description seemed fitting for a summer scent.

Moonstone is described as "white tea, apple meat, moonflower, blue agave, wintergreen, jasmine, and white ginger." I love tea and apples, as well as jasmine, so this description really spoke to me. Opening the bottle, its a faint mint (I assume the wintergreen) that comes through. Wet on the skin, the scent is mint and faint jasmine. As the oil dries, the scent becomes more floral as the wintergreen takes a backseat to the moonflower and jasmine notes. After the oil had dried, the scent became more sweet - the agave coming into play. I can sense the ginger way back there, keeping everything from becoming to sweet and floral and giving the scent just the slightest bit of bite. The scent overall is very feminine, definitely something I can see myself wearing on a summer's night where I want to channel the moon goddess, or something. Or just smell like flowers in the cool night breeze.

The scent is not overpowering at all, and clings to the skin nicely, leaving the faintest whiff of flowers and light gingery tea in its wake. Unfortunately, it does not last too long on the skin, I got about three hours of definite detectability before resorting to sniffing my wrist like a madwoman.

  • The ginger note grounds the florals quite well.
  • The opening mint is refreshing and not toothpaste wintergreen or bright green gum.
  • Does not last super long on the skin (about three hours.)
  • The damn label won't fully stick to the bottle and it's driving me crazy!
  • Where's my apple note?
Blooddrop Fineries Moonstone perfume oil - $15.00 for 5 mL
Review - 3/5

Perfume oils work differently for different people due to skin chemistry. This is my experience with this perfume oil, which may differ for you!

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