Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Victoria, Victoria Beckham x Nails Inc. Bamboo White Collection nail polish - Review

A few weeks ago, Beauty.com was having their 20% off sale, so I picked up the Nails Inc. collaboration polish with Victoria Beckham. I hadn't even heard of it until I saw it on a couple of YouTube channels, but then I thought hey, you know what - 20% off, might as well.

When I opened my package, I was wondering what the hell the big white box was - I had ordered a nail polish and a cream eyeshadow stick, nothing huge! Then I noticed the lid.Very Posh Spice, indeed.

All of this packaging for one little nail polish! There are two in the collection, Bamboo White and Judo Red. I picked up Bamboo White, as I currently don't have anything like that in my collection, while I have a few orangey red shades. For $25, I don't need to be buying more than I need.

Here's the bottle! The large top pops off to reveal a smaller top you screw off that's attached the the brush. The bottle is pretty heavy and feels nice, the face is concave. I like the clear glass on the sides to see the shade. I really dig the brush, its more of a paddle shape than a straight cut, helping you to get an even coat on your nails more easily. 

The polish itself was a little difficult to work with, maybe it's because I'm not the best with creme polishes. It was a little streaky, and I needed 2-3 coats on some nails to get it to look solid, with a few gaps. The shade is gorgeous though, a very chic off white almost baby pink but not quite, but possibly kind of gray? A sort of je ne sais quoi nude nail polish, if you will.

I wore this for about four days without any major chips. I have a feeling it would have lasted longer, but I did do some cleaning and dish washing without gloves (I'm the worst...) so four days it pretty good to take a chemical beating like that.

The VVB x Nails Inc. collab is of course, limited edition. You can pick up each shade individually, or as as set, if you can still find those floating around. I have Judo Red in my cart right now, waffling on whether or not to snag it from Sephora. I also have that huge box sitting around, because I sort of dig it. Totally wasteful, but still kind of cool. 

Victoria, Victoria Beckham x Nails Inc. Bamboo White Collection nail polish (Limited Edition) - $25.00 for 0.47 oz
Review - 3.5/5

Here's a quick mani I did using Bamboo White. Excuse my trash cuticles. I'm happy to report that after about three weeks to a month of having a few nails break, I'm back to being able to do my nails again!
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