Friday, May 1, 2015

April 2015 Favorites!

Another month has passed, so it's time for another month of favorites! Only one actual makeup item this month, but everything on the list is something I've seriously been digging!

1. Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster - I'm not super old, but I'm getting to the age where I'm worried about starting to age. And I know once I get there, I'm going to be like a Disney villain about ageing - super passionate about being young forever or something. So during the recent Sephora spring sale, I picked up this serum which is supposedly fantastic due to the Vitamin C that's included. Vitamin C is a great skincare item due to its many benefits - reducing dark spots, reducing inflammation, helping to boost collagen production, and fading post breakout redness, to name a few. After using this for the past two weeks, I am seeing some definitely improvement in my skin. Also, it smells like oranges!

2. Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50 - What a mouthful. This is my go to sunscreen that I apply every day after my moisturizer, under my makeup. It's easy to apply, absorbs quickly, doesn't smell overly like sunblock, and doesn't leave a white cast. It is a Japanese product, but it's easily found on Amazon at a price that won't break the bank. I'm currently finishing up my first bottle, and I will be purchasing my second soon! (Also it must be great, look at all the ++++++!)

3. Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crème in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang  - I've already posted a full review but I wanted to include this lipstick on my favorites list. I'm really impressed with this formula, so much so that I purchased another lipstick in the family during the Sephora sale (and OMG! wait til you SEE IT!!) Every time I'm at my local Sephora this shade is sold out, so I can't be the only one considering it a favorite! Do yourself a favor and swatch it in store if you haven't yet, it's definitely worth trying!

4. Simple Cleansing Wipes - I picked these up on a whim at Target, since I needed to toss something into my gym bag to take off my makeup before my workouts. I love these! A few quick swipes and these take off most everything aside from my waterproof mascara. I have to scrub a tiny bit to get my morn stubborn liquid and gel liners off, but the wipes don't need anything extra to get those off! My skin isn't left overly dry or irritated from the wipes either, which is a big plus.

5. WEN Lavender Cleansing Conditioner - I've heard a lot about "co-washing" and heard that this stuff is the best of the best, and held out til the sale to pick it up, because $32 is a bit much for a conditioner. Unfortunately...I love it. The directions say to use an inordinate amount of pumps to cleanse the hair (like 10-16 for my length hair) and then half the amount to sit in the hair while you finish up your shower. This feels like I'd be using the entire bottle in like five showers, and sometimes I shower like twice a day, so I don't use that many pumps and my hair still feels clean (even with my 309843084 thickening/volumizing products!) I think I will still shop around for something cheaper, but I know I definitely do like this product. There are different scents/flavors/whatever you want to call it, and each coordinates with a hair type - lavender is for fine hair, so make sure you buy based off of your hair type for optimal results!

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