Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lit Cosmetics Naturally Lit Trio

Last month when I went to IMATS NY, my first stop was the Lit Cosmetics booth. By now, if you've been reading my blog, you should know that I love to sparkle and that Lit is my favorite glitter brand. I picked up a ton of glitter at the show, including the show exclusive Naturally Lit trio - a set of three "nude" glitters that will compliment a range of skintones. All three of the glitters are size 2, meaning you can easily incorporate them into an everyday look for a hint of sparkle. The three glitters are all solid glitters, which means that they will reflect their solid color only - no holo or rainbows here. This helps keep with the idea of the "nude" glitter.

Unfortunately, the trio isn't available online for order yet. But I'm going to provide some swatches now so that when Lit does have these up for sale, you can decide which is the right one for you! (Which is all of them.)

Fully Nude is a "gentle, medium warm gold." The lightest shade of the trio, this is ideal to add a hint of sparkle to fair or light skintones, but it can be used to jazz up a look on any color skin. 

Modern Love is the medium offering in the trio - a light copper blended with gold. With the macro shot here, you can see flecks of both shades. In the swatch down below, the two colors come together to create a great caramelly shade. 

Express Yourself is the deepest shade of the trio - a rich bronze blend of  copper, red, and gold. The red is really prominent in the macro shot, but in the blend and swatched out, it combines with the copper to create a really great bronze shade. I really think this will be great for sultry summer eyes.

Here are swatches of the three glitters - done with Lit Clearly Liquid Glitter base. Modern Love is the most "traditional" nude shade when swatched out, but when you think of a nude eyeshadow palette (like Urban Decay's Naked) gold and bronze definitely have their place. The reddish tones in Express Yourself are prominent here. All three of the shades are quite warm toned, which may be a little off putting for someone more cool toned looking to add some sparkle to their everyday look. But since they are so warm, all three shades will be great for bronzy summer looks.

Here's a sort of out of focus shot so you can see some of the sparkle of the glitter. Since these are solid glitters, the only sparkle is of the solid color itself. The size 2 glitter blends together to create more of a very sparkly eyeshadow look, since the glitter pieces are so finely cut, it doesn't look like you're wearing glitter at all! My only gripe with the size of glitter is that it can sometimes clump easily if you're not too careful with the amount of glitter glue or liquid base you use, but that's more trial and error than a fault of the glitter.

I'm really glad that I managed to get my hands on this set! I really like how Lit expanded the nude theme to compliment more than one skintone, though all three shades can easily be used on any skintone, it's nice to see that there is a light, medium, and a deep glitter. I am hoping they release these for sale soon, and that they follow up with a cool toned nude trio as well!

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