Sunday, April 19, 2015

IMATS New York

Last week I had the pleasure of attending IMATS New York! It was my first time attending the convention, and I was really excited to go. In case you were wondering, tickets were $60 a pop, and no one under the age of 17 was allowed in. They took that rule super seriously, IDs were checked at the door. This convention was a lot less crowded than other conventions I have been to, but it definitely smelled a lot better. I only stuck around for about two hours, I basically bought the things I had come to buy, snapped a few pictures, and was on my way. I wasn't around to witness the YouTube guru drama that went down (somewhat unfortunately...) so I can't shed too much light on what happened with that.

Lit Cosmetics booth
Glitter display at Lit
Soooo many glitters!
I stopped at Lit cosmetics first to get my sparkle fix! I met William, their social media person, who was super sweet! I chatted with some other Lit employees about how I use their products and they also gave me some suggestions on how to use glitter on my nails and other things. I walked away with so much stuff!

Sugarpill booth display
Adorable display!
The new release at the convention from Sugarpill - nail polish!
Sugarpill was right across the aisle from Lit, and I had to wait in line for about ten minutes to be able to get to the booth to make my purchases. Everything was discounted (as was at Lit!) and I picked up a few goodies. I also got my hands on one of their new Heavenly Creatures nail polishes in Celestia to try out! I also snagged a pair of their falsies for $5 just for funsies. I didn't get a Pro Palette because I already have all of their shades, of course.

OCC Pigment display 
OCC Creme Colour Pigments - love the new packaging!
One of the many lip tar displays
Glitter display!
OCC had a great booth where they gave you a form where you wrote your name, if you're paying cash or credit, and you checked off what you wanted as you made your way around the booth and played with the testers of items. I picked up only two items, since I came with a list, but their booth was pretty swamped. Thankfully, their setup kept things organized and moving smoothly! They also had some great discounts - lip tars for $10!
Hakuhodo booth
Hakuhodo had a beautifully set up booth. They had their brushes in display jars, so you could handle the brush and see how each one looked. Then they'd place it on a tray for you, and get you the brush you selected from the back and check you out. Unfortunately, they had no discount, they were only not charging tax, but this was the booth I did the most damage at. The staff here were very helpful and polite, and very patient with me and my huge list! I even got a DVD of the Hakuhodo process of brush making, probably because I dropped some serious cash. Arigato gozaimashita, Hakuhodo!

Bdellium Tools booth
More Bdellium brushes!
Bdellium Tools had 40% off everything and I had heard good things about their Bambu line, so I swung by and picked up a few brushes. They also had no line! I plan to use the brushes for some of my cream eyeshadows, I'm excited! They also had plenty of staff on hand to answer any questions.

Here's some more photos of various places around the convention. Like I said, I didn't stick around tooooo long, but I did snap some pictures while I wandered around!

Lime Crime actually had a line for all that nonsense about boycotting them.

Stila booth

Anastasia Beverly Hills had a HUGE line

Dose of Colors, another booth with a huge line!

Viseart palettes! I snagged one for a friend.

Lots of booths had demos

Inglot booth

Beautylish booth promoting Bioderma

Temptu demo

All said and done, I had a good time! I may try to go next year, and now knowing that tickets are non-transferrable, my boyfriend won't put my second ticket in his name so I have someone more enthusiastic to go with. I'll be posting my haul from the show soon!


  1. Was there any discount at the Viseart booth? I wish I could have gone, the Lit glitters look so beautiful!!

    1. Viseart palettes were $65! They were featured at the Frends beauty booth, and they hooked me up with a mini Sigma brush, along with a Sigma lip mini and some Sigma blush samples.