Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My First Back2Mac!

Nothing feels better than finishing a makeup product. I love the accomplished feeling of using up something I purchased. The Back2MAC program rewards that, in addition to helping recycle the packaging the products come in. You bring in six MAC empties (the best part - false lash cases count, too!) and you can exchange them for a lipstick or an eyeshadow! (Viva Glam is exempt, since all proceeds go towards a wonderful cause, and you should be purchasing those.) I've been hoarding my MAC empties, and I finally had enough for my first Back2MAC!

Car seat glamour shot
Here's my batch of empties. I have a Fix+, two Pro Longwear foundations, a Prep and Prime pressed powder, a Prep and Prime Lip (I SWORE I had another around my house! Ugh!) and a Rapidblack pen liner that is freaking ancient BUT I SAVED IT!

I was originally going to look for another Kylie Jenneresque nude and maybe pick up the shade Brave, but then I started swatching hot pinks and couldn't stop. Some of the shades here are Fusion Pink, Candy Yum Yum, Show Orchid, Impassioned (which I own, but I wanted to make sure I didn't dupe it!) Girl About Town, Full Fuchsia...I had a good time swatching.

Marking on the bottom so you know it was a Back2MAC
While I was going swatch happy, a Sales Associate asked if I needed help. I said I was going to be turning in some empties, and she checked to make sure they were all eligible while I swatched. She offered to have me try on any lipsticks, and I declined - I have a good idea of what will and what won't work for my by now. In the end I settled on Fusion Pink. The Sales Associate pulled it from the drawer, discarded the box, and marked the bottom of the bullet so that it can't be turned in again for another Back2MAC - which I supposed is fair.

MAC Fusion Pink
It was nice to be able to pick up a new lipstick without spending any money, in addition to being rewarded to finishing a bunch of products. With the rate that I go through Fix+ and Prep and Prime Lip, I'll be sure to be cashing in more empties soon!


  1. I need to get MAC Prep and Prime lip. I've been thinking about Fix+ but I've heard it isn't great for oily skins.

    Fusion Pink looks so pretty! Is it similar to VG Miley?

    1. I'm oily, but I use Fix+ more as a way to melt my makeup together - get powders to set nicely, etc. rather than something to keep my makeup in place all day.

      VG Miley seems to be more cool than Fusion Pink, but they are definitely not the same!