Monday, April 20, 2015

Sixteen92 Haul

So after reading tons about the brand Sixteen92 on the IndieMakeupAndMore subreddit, I decided to place my first order! I have been using the products for a bit, and it's finally time I got off my butt and wrote about what I purchased! Of course, since I waited for a while, some of the winter scents are no longer available. But I managed to get some spring scents as well!

Sixteen92 Hand & Body lotion and perfume oil samples

I picked up the following items:
  • Blood Orange & Vanilla hand & body lotion
  • Wintering perfume oil
  • Toasted Marshmallow perfume oil
  • The Orchard Keeper perfume oil
  • Lolita perfume oil
  • The Sound and The Fury perfume oil (a free sample!)
Blood Orange & Vanilla lotion - I picked up the hand and body lotion because I love blood orange as a scent. The scent description is "creamy vanilla swirled with tart blood orange - a lovely warm-weather gourmand, reminiscent of orange creamsicles or gourmet orange sherbet." I really get more of a creamsicle scent than anything of the tart blood orange variety. Not bad at all, but not the blood orange scent I was looking for, as the vanilla half of the mix overpowered the citrus I wanted. As for the lotion formula, it is moisturizing, but it takes a little bit longer to absorb than I'd have liked. It leaves behind a bit of a lotion-y feeling, not greasy or bad - just that feeling of lotion that is going to need a few more minutes to sink in. I keep it at my desk to moisturize my hands after using the bathroom as the soap at work is the world's cheapest possible soap for whatever reason, and the scent is definitely noticeable for a while after as I tap away at my keyboard.

Wintering - "The crunch of Fall’s last leaves underfoot, fragile and frost-blanketed. Dry hay bales, chilled earth, and thick honey warmed with gingerbread-spiced vanilla bean. Absolutes of hay, tobacco and beeswax (not vegan), patchouli, vanilla bean, spices (ginger, cinnamon, clove, etc)" I picked this up overlooking the patchouli note. I am not a fan of patchouli at all. Opening the vial and the first sniff, it's patchouli and a recoil and a scowl and regret. But it is my duty as a blogger to test things I may hate, so I apply the perfume and let it dry down - and I wait. And I sniff...gingerbread. Gentle vanilla. Fall air with a hint of woodsmoke. Goddammit why did I wait to apply this?!! Will I still avoid patchouli perfumes? Probably. But I'm glad I misread the notes on this. This smells like fall to me, including a hint of pumpkin pie spice. It definitely isn't a feminine scent, which is how I usually lean, but I can definitely see myself huffing this come July and going soooooooon.

Toasted Marshmallow - "Everyone’s favorite hot chocolate topping, gooey marshmallows lightly toasted over a campfire." This scent was the reason I placed my order - everyone RAVES about it! Or they hate it. Opening the vial the immediate scent is mallowy sugar. I can't really describe the scent other than "mallowy," I hope you get what I mean. Applying to the skin allows a very sweet sugary vanilla to escape, it hits right at the back of the nose, at the top of the palate. After the perfume dries, the marshmallow scent evens out. I don't really get anything toasted out of this, but I do get a strong marshmallow scent. When I first received this, It was very strong. After sitting for a while, it has mellowed out and is quite pleasant.

The Orchard Keeper - "Night blooming jasmine, peach, apricot, pink pepper, sandalwood." I picked this up because I am all about peaches and jasmine. Opening the vial, it's all peaches and apricots and wonderful fruitiness. When applied to the skin and after drying down, the fruits fade down to let the floral jasmine and sandalwood come through. The blend is lovely and summery, although the scent is a spring feature. The scent itself is light, and I've been reaching for it often. 

Lolita - "Crisp Apple Skins, Tart Peach Candies, Rose Absolute, Sugared Violet." Lolita is the other fragrance that drew me into ordering from Sixteen92. Reading the description, I knew I would love it. I am all about super fruity, girly fragrances. The first whiff after opening the vial is of the tart peach and crisp apple, just like the notes promised. As it dries down, it becomes even sweeter. The throw on this is great, I feel like a cloud of ripe summer peaches and strawberries. However, I find that although the initial scent is wonderfully encompassing, it fades quickly. I do love the scent, though. Lolita reminds me of an adult version of Victoria's Secret Love Spell body spray - that addicting scent without all of the horrible high school locker room memories.

The Sound and the Fury - "Southern sweet tea, Carolina jessamine, balsam, fern, warm skin musk, loam"  I received this as a free sample. Opening, it smells floral yet woodsy, definitely the balsam. No sweet tea, which I was looking forward to. On the skin, it dries down to the scent of a pine forest and greenery. Also loam! (I had to google what that was. It's apparently a fancy word for fancy dirt. So yup - more woodsy.) I was really sniffing for the tea, which was not coming out for me. Not a scent for me, as I prefer something with fruits and flowers or sugar. Or tea. 

I really enjoyed my first order from Sixteen92, and will probably be picking up a full size of Lolita when my sample runs out! I look forward to trying other scents from their catalog when I get the chance. 

Perfume oils work differently for different people due to skin chemistry. This is my experience with these perfume oils, which may differ for you!

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  1. Pretty sure I'll be picking up a sample of Lolita, Wintering and The Orchard Keeper, they sound like they'll be perfect for me.

    Toasted Marshmallow sounds interesting, but almost *too* sweet!