Thursday, April 23, 2015

Review - ColourPop Lippie Stix in LBB

Here we are again, with another review of another ColourPop product! If you can't tell I am all aboard the hype train for ColourPop - and why not, for $5! I picked up the shade LBB after reading it was a shade dupe for Melt Cosmetics' Dark Room, since I was not about to pay the shipping for one lipstick.
ColorPop Lippie Pencil and Lippie Stix in LBB
LBB pencil (left) and lipstick (right) swatches
The shade LBB is described as a "rich plum wine with a matte finish." I find that this is more of a raspberry plum shade. Although the finish is described as matte, it actually is more of a demi matte finish, which is nice for those who don't like the super harsh liquid lipstick matte look.

I love buying the matching lipstick and lip liner when I purchase from ColourPop, because they're each $5 and I love having matching sets. The liner goes on smoothly with no skipping, and is decently pigmented. It has no discernible scent. However, it does not have the twist up packaging that the lipstick has, meaning you'll need to sharpen it. A bit disappointing, but at the price point, I can't complain too much. The lipstick itself has the twist up packaging, as well as a color matching button on the bottom with a sticker labeling the shade, and the applicator with color matching plastic. There is a slight vanilla buttercream frosting scent to the product, which fades quickly after application. The application is nice, but the color goes on a little patchy.

During the course of wear, I found that the lipstick begun to highlight any imperfections or flakes in my lips, even with the use of a lip primer beforehand. I did not find the formula to be excessively drying, however. I experienced no bleeding or feathering, but I did use the matching lip liner. There was some transfer to my cup throughout the day, as well as fading on the inside of the lips. Reapplication resulted in more patchiness, especially over the highlighted flakes. The matte formula shows its true colors here - although the finish isn't matte, the formula itself behaves like a matte. I'd suggest a thorough lip scrub before wearing, and thinking about if your lips are ready for a matte lipstick that day. The lipstick did leave a wonderful pinky berry stain on the lips.

  • Non drying
  • Scent fades quickly
  • Demi matte finish
  • Leaves a stain
  • No feathering/bleeding
  • Twist up packaging
  • Highlights flakes
  • Some patchiness
  • Fading on inside of lips
  • Product name (ugh.)
ColourPop Lippie Stix in LBB - $5.00 for 0.0352 oz
Review - 3/5

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  1. I didn't have any fading on the inside of my lips; it was just an overall fading (unless I was drinking something from a cup for a long period of time). Strange!