Monday, April 27, 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Lovely vs. Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Ocelot

It's been a while since I've done a comparison post! I decided to go for liquid lipstick formulas this time, since they're currently super popular. The Anastasia formula is still pretty new, and I had one in my collection that looked quite similar to Fyrinnae Ocelot.

ABH Lovely (left), Fyrinnae Ocelot (right)
In the tube, the two products look pretty similar. The description for Lovely is "rosy pink." Ocelot is listed as a "warm dusty rose-pink."

ABH Lovely (left), Fyrinnae Ocelot (right)
Here is where we can really see the shade differences. It's worth noting that the ABH formula is a liquid to matte lipstick, but the Fyrinnae formula is not a fully matte liquid lipstick. Fyrinnae's formula is more of a mushed up lipstick that is spread on with a doe foot applicator with a comfortable wear, with more of a demi matte finish.

Outside of the tube, Ocelot really lives up to the warmth in its description, it is a warmer and lighter pink than Lovely. Both are definite rosy pink shades - Lovely dries down to a darker, completely matte finish due to the different formula. I wouldn't say that these are dupes of one another, though if you applied Ocelot over a darker lip liner, you could come close to matching Lovely's deeper pink shade.

It is also worth noting that Fyrinnae currently does not have the mini sizes of their lip lustres on their site, so I feel a little bit bad using mine for the product shot. But the product is definitely worth the full size if a fully matte lipstick is not your cup of tea!

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  1. Must. not. give. into. ABH. hype.

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