Thursday, April 30, 2015

Giorgio Armani Eye Tint in 11 Rose Ashes - Review

I picked up this product during the Sephora spring sale after having it on my wishlist. A few friends got the Eye Tints and raved about them, and I was thinking "Well, I really should be getting one of those, too!" So I did!

Giorgio Armani Eye Tint in 11 Rose Ashes
Wrist swatch of Rose Ashes
Rose Ashes is a slightly metallic rose tan with a greenish glow. It has a slight duochrome to it, especially when layered more thickly. The applicator is a doe foot. The formula itself is cool to the touch, and spreads easily, allowing for easy blending. The formula sets pretty quick, and then does not budge. The thicker the layer that is applied, the longer it takes to set. In the swatch above, I did a thicker layer and a thinner layer to show the pigmentation of the product. A thin layer gives a shimmery wash of rose gold. To get the metallic, more duochrome effect of the shade, a thicker layer is needed.

I applied this with my finger, as the doe foot was a little big for my lid, and I felt that I could blend the product more easily with my finger. I applied a thin wash of product all over the lid into and above the crease, and layered a little more onto the lid to build more of the color. During the day, the thicker layer eventually creased, which I am attributing to the layer being too thick, which makes sense.

The Eye Tint is a super easy product to work with, and I can see myself getting one or two more to add to my collection of eye products. Unfortunately, due to it being a high end brand, the price tag is a bit steep. The price per ounce for one of these is $172.72, which is better than the similar YSL Full Metal Shadow at $30 for 0.15 oz ($200/oz), though still up there.


  • Blends easily
  • Dries to set quickly
  • Thin layer provides good pigmentation
  • Will crease if the product is too thick
  • Price tag :(
Giorgio Armani Eye Tint in 11 Rose Ashes - $38.00 for 0.22 oz
Review - 4.5/5


  1. Hmmm, I can see this being great for one-shadow looks! I wonder if there's a powder shadow that's similar to this, it's such a pretty shade!