Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Glitter Injections Haul and Swatches

I've been on a total glitter kick lately. I decided to place an order with Glitter Injections for three shades to see what they had to offer. I had seen them being used a lot on Instagram, and I wanted to see what was up!

Glitter Injections top to bottom - Black Rainbow,
Mystic Butterfly, Vintage Chic
Glitter Injections top to bottom - Black Rainbow, 
Mystic Butterfly, Vintage Chic
Mystic Butterfly swatch over Lit Cosmetics Glitter Base
Vintage Chic swatch over Lit Cosmetics Glitter Base
Black Rainbow swatch over Lit Cosmetics Glitter Base
I ordered three shades - Black Rainbow, Vintage Chic, and Mystic Butterfly. I didn't receive shipping confirmation or tracking, but the glitter was in my hands in less than a week! Everything was nicely packaged in bubble wrap. I was intrigued by the "injections" packaging. On the site the claim is that the injection is a "lot less messy." Apparently I was mistaken in thinking the point of the glitter injection was to actually use the "injection" portion. After trying to unstick the tip of the syringe, I realized you're supposed to pull out the plunger. (At least I hope that's right...)

I'm a little disappointed in Black Rainbow, as there doesn't seem to be much rainbow sparkle like the photo on the site! However, I'm definitely going to try and use it as a liner and see how it looks. I'm really excited about Vintage Chic and Mystic Butterfly - I am really looking forward to using these on my nails and in eye looks! My only issue is that all of the glitters seem to be a very fine cut, with no option of a chunkier glitter on the site (unlike Lit, who offers different sizes.) 

Overall, I'm pleased with my first purchase from Glitter Injections. Each "injection" is 5 grams of glitter, for $6.99. I can't wait to play with these!

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