Thursday, February 12, 2015

Life's Entropy Cosmos Lipsticks Haul and Swatches

Once again, a post that is late to the game. However, this time it is not my fault! I ordered the Life's Entropy Cosmos lipsticks as soon as the shop re-opened back in January. I just received them at the end of last week - my order took the full stated turn around time for the shop. I don't fault Jane, the shop owner, though - these lipsticks were selling like crazy! No wonder the turn around time was up to 20 days! This was my first order with Life's Entropy, and I am super pleased with everything I received.

My order packaged nicely.
My lipsticks came wonderfully packaged in gold wrap with a Life's Entropy "wax seal" sticker. I love when companies hand wrap orders, it feels more like a gift than a purchase! Especially when the shop is as busy as Life's Entropy has been, it really adds that extra special touch. The package I received in the mail was intact and nicely padded. I also received an eyeshadow sample, which is not pictured in this post. But yay samples!

Life's Entropy Cosmos lipstick in Milky Way 
Life's Entropy Cosmos lipsticks sample pans.
Clockwise from top - Supernova, Blackbody,
Flux, Plasma
I had a hard time deciding which colors to buy - I had told myself one full size, and then samples. Since I had such a tough time, I decided I'd get all the colors no matter what - but debating the full size was an issue. I settled on Milky Way - a color similar to others I had in my collection that I wear often, so I know it was a color that would work for me.

The full size lipstick is packaged in a plastic lipstick tube with a Life's Entropy sticker. The tube was very light. I know the tube style had changed due to overwhelming demand and a need for an emergency reorder - it's just really neat to be getting a hand crafted indie lipstick in an actual lipstick tube. The sample pans came in small baggies, and each pan was labeled with the shade.

A complaint has been heard about these lipsticks - they arrived sweaty. My lipstick did as well, along with the sample pans. I was able to dab off the sweat from all of them without harming the actual product. I'm not sure what is causing the sweating, but I know that it has been quite cold in the Northeast lately, and since Life's Entropy is shipping from New York, I would not be surprised if temperature changes are causing the lipsticks to behave like this. Either way, the sweat cleaned up just fine.

Milky Way swatch

Sample swatches, top to bottom - Supernova, Flux,
Plasma, Blackbody.
All of the lipsticks swatched beautifully. The formula is smooth and very creamy, with a bit of slip. When I wore Milky Way it felt very slippery, and transferred a lot onto the cup I was using. However, I did not experience any bleeding or feathering, even without a lipliner. I did have to reapply throughout the day. I did not find the formula drying, which is a big plus - though I paired with lip primer, as always.

I know that a lot of people missed out on these, so I am hoping that Jane decides to bring the Cosmos lipsticks back for another limited edition run - or maybe even as a permanent item! Should she decide to release more shades, I will definitely be ordering samples at the very least.

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  1. I ordered Supernova and a sample of Plasma at the end of January, so I'm looking forward to trying them out!