Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Performance Colors Black Rose vs. OCC Black Metal Dahlia

I feel really bad about this post. I had it planned for a while, and by the time I got around to doing it - Performance Colors has closed its shop doors. This is what I get for procrastinating. However, I love comparing products and swatching my collection, so I'm going to post this anyway.

Just to clarify, for this post, I am only comparing the colors and overall finish. I'm aware that they are vastly different in application and just in how the product is packaged, but I still feel a shade comparison has merit here.

Performance Colors Black Rose and OCC Black Metal Dahlia

So right off the bat, in the packaging, both products look to have similar shades. Deep purple-burgundy with sparkle, and an overall metallic finish. When I first got Black Rose, I immediately thought of Black Metal Dahlia.

Swatches - Black Rose (left) and Black Metal Dahlia (right)
Now for the actual swatch comparison. Black Rose really takes the "black" in its name to heart, the shade is a much deeper blackened purple red than Black Metal Dahlia. Black Metal Dahlia has a much richer red tone to it. Both have a nice sparkle to them.

Smeared swatches - Black Rose (left) and Black Metal Dahlia (right)
I decided to take a photo of the swatches after trying to wipe them off, since you can get some more detail about the finish of the product, and the shade tones. Black Rose has a much deeper purple shade and some sparkle. Blah Metal Dahlia keeps its rich red, but has a touch of purple. However, the sparkle to Black Metal Dahlia is much more apparent, and at the bottom of the swatch you can see the strong metallic finish the product gives.

As you can see, both products look similar in the tube, but swatch very differently. I'm glad I have both - no dupes here!

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