Thursday, February 5, 2015

Review - ColourPop Lippie Stix and Pencil in Bull Chic

I have been lusting after black lipstick for a while. I have no idea why, as I'm not likely to wear it to work, or even out of the house. Even so, I've been keeping an eye out on any and all black lipsticks. My friend Anna knew this, and got me ColourPop's Bull Chic lipstick (I am sorry, I refuse to say "lippie stix") and liner as a gift!
ColourPop Lippie Stix and Liner in Bull Chic
Bull Chic Lippie Stix (left) and liner (right)
Bull Chic lip swatch

I really do like the twist up packaging of the lipstick. The liner, however, appears that it will need to be sharpened, but you can't really complain at the price point of $5. The lipstick had a pretty heavy vanilla cake scent that faded after application. Application of both liner and lipstick were smooth. However, both were not as pigmented as I was hoping, as evidenced in the swatches. The lipstick has quite a bit of slip, even after blotting. ColourPop claims that the lipstick is matte, but it is far from matte. not even a demi matte or satin matte. It's just not matte, at all. I'd go with more of a creme formula than matte.

The formula isn't drying from what I found. It does, however, transfer very easily, even after blotting. The liner doesn't seem to do too much in giving the lipstick something to "stick" to. I did not eat with this lipstick on, but I can see it smearing easily. I was able to remove the lipstick easily, and it did not leave much of a stain.

Unfortunately, I like how the other ColourPop lipsticks and liners in my collection wear. Fortunately, black is a shade that is going to be used sparingly, so a perfect formula isn't exactly necessary. The Bull Chic lipstick and liner get the job done.


  • Smooth application
  • Non drying
  • Lacking pigmentation
  • Transfers easily
  • Heavy scent
  • Not matte in the least.
ColourPop Lippie Stix in Bull Chic - $5.00 for 0.0352 oz
ColourPop Pencil in Bull Chick - $5.00 for 0.0352 oz
Review - 2.5/5

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