Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Beautylish Lucky Bag 2015

So right after Christmas, Beautylish put up their yearly "Lucky Bag" for sale. For $75, you were promised $150+ of product! I decided to go for it. There were three types of bags to choose from - natural, bold, and MUA. After googling around and seeing last years bags, I decided to take my chances with the bold bag. After an agonizing WEEK of waiting, I finally got my lucky bag! Here's what was inside:

Lit Cosmetics Lit Kit in Afternoon Delight

Cult Nails nail polish in Faded,
Ellis Faas Glazed Lips in Sheer Orange

Indie Lee COQ-10 Toner

Kevyn Aucoin eyeshadow duo in #214, Wayne Goss
#1 brush

Before I get started breaking down this bag (hint - I wasn't thrilled!) let's tally up the cost of the items:

  • Kevyn Aucoin duo in #214 - $42
  • Wayne Goss #1 brush - $45
  • Indie Lee Toner - $32
  • Ellis Faas Glazed Lips in Sheer Orange - $35
  • Cult Nails nail polish in Faded - $12
  • Lit Cosmetics Lit Kit in Afternoon Delight - $19.95
Total - $185.95

So Beautylish definitely made good on their promise of the value of the bag. $35 over $150, not bad! However, I was still disappointed in the bag, namely because for one, I felt like they took "bold" and didn't even bother with it, and because it also felt like a "shit Beautylish couldn't move in 2014" for most of the items.

Firstly, Cult Nails closed its doors about three days after the Lucky Bags were shipped - no fault to Beautylish for that. But the nail polish I received is gray. Gray is not bold. Black polish would be more bold than gray. No neons, no glitters, no COLOR? It felt like the nail polish was just a toss in filler that didn't need to adhere to the "theme" of the bag.

I took issue with the Lit Kit that came in the bag solely because this particular kit has been touted by Lit Cosmetics and Sephora as a Sephora exclusive kit. Now yes, I do already have this glitter, and I was disappointed by that, especially because I was NOT expecting Beautylish to be sending out exclusives from another store! Beautylish has a TON of colors of Lit Cosmetics glitter available, why not use one of those?

The Ellis Faas Glazed Lip lip gloss does deliver on the bold theme as it's a bright orange. It doesn't really work for me, but again - it's luck of the draw, here. However, this particular shade is not on the Beautylish site - not even listed as "Returning Soon!" like the Goss brush is. This leads me to think that this was a shade they could not move, so why not throw it in the Lucky Bag? Again, at least this delivered on the bold theme of the bag.

Skincare, to me, is not bold. So the inclusion of the Indie Lee toner feels like a value quota filler. Right now it's listed on the site as "Returning Soon!" and from what I've seen, everyone got a toner in their bag. I'm not sure if this was a ploy from Beautylish to expose everyone to the Indie Lee brand, but I honestly felt it had no place in the bold themed bag.

The Kevyn Aucoin duo is definitely the most luxe item in the bag, it's has nice packaging and is an esteemed brand. The shades I received don't really fit the bold bill, though. The teal is a deepened shade, something that could easily be blended into the crease and would not really stand out. Then there is beige. Beige, right up there with that gray polish, is like the antithesis of bold. 

Finally, we come to the Wayne Goss #1 brush - a foundation brush. I was disappointed with this solely due to the fact that I use a beauty blender to apply my foundation. I know pretty much every bag got a Goss brush, I was just hoping for an eye or cheek brush. I'll give it a shot, but I don't know if I'll keep it.

After my disappointment with this bag, I honestly don't know if I will buy one next year. Looking at last year's bags, they seemed to be WAY better - Z palettes, Too Faced palettes, and other glitters! The majority of people I know got something very similar to my bag, with a lip tar instead of the Ellis Faas gloss or a RCMA Contour palette. Either way, this was a disappointment for me. I love Beautylish, and I was really hoping I'd get a bunch of products I would use, seeing as I love bold makeup! Sadly, this was not the case.


  1. Oh dear, this is a big fail for Beautylish. Why they thought they could get away with this obvious "crap-we-cant-sell-for-MSRP" stuff and all the customers would just curtsey and say thank you.

    Not cool, Beautylish, not cool.

  2. I completely agree. I also got the bold bag and it was pretty much the same as yours with a couple of differences. My polish was purple glitter, so that was fine, but ... the lip tar I got was basically nude with some nude shimmer. Snore.

    The only good thing I have to say is that the polish came slightly leaked and they replaced it immediately, though with a somewhat boring shade.

    Also, do an actual swatch/review of the Kevyn Aucoin shadows. I was super excited since it's probably now the most expensive makeup I own, and, unless I'm just awful (which is possible) it seemed to apply patchy and not very opaque.