Thursday, January 1, 2015

December 2014 Favorites

Happy New Year!! Here's hoping 2015 is your most beautiful year yet! To kick off the new year, I wanted to wrap up December's favorites. This month I'm featuring a lot of my everyday products - why not, they wound up being good enough for every day use!

1. MAC Fix+ Spray - I use Fix+ as my second to last step to help settle and "melt" all of the makeup on my face together. It also helps to create a less powdery look, especially if you're like me and like to load on the finishing powders. (Well not load on. Layer them, more like.) I use this right before my setting spray, since I consider this to be more of a "finishing" spray than a setting spray. I just finished up my first bottle of it, that I've used pretty much daily since the end of May - not bad! One or two spritzes does the trick. Fix+ can also be used with loose shadows to change the texture and help them stay longer! There's a small size that you can pick up before committing to the large size, but I say get the large one right off the bat!

2. Inglot eyeshadow #353 - This is my Holy Grail base shadow. I apply my eye primer, and then a wash of this eyeshadow to help anything else I put on to blend more easily. I picked up this shade after I kept reaching for W.O.S. from the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, and I recommend this out to everyone who says they're about to hit pan on that shade in their palette. For $7, you get a huge pan.

3. House of Lashes false lashes in Au Naturale - I know I recently reviewed these, raved about them then, but here they are! I really do love these lashes. They look perfectly natural on me, and are a dream to wear and apply. The price tag is a bit steep ($9!) but House of Lashes frequently has sales, and has a three pack deal for $22. Since these are higher quality lashes, they handle reuse a bit better than drugstore lashes. I can even wear these with little to no eyeliner and still look great, thanks to the thin, clear band.

4. Inglot gel eyeliner #77 - I picked this up on Black Friday, since my old black gel liner was starting to dry up. I had heard that this was a great black gel, but wow! I'm definitely hooked! The formula is super smooth, very pigmented and dark, and very easy to work with. A bit softer of a formula than what I am used to, but I really, really dig it. From someone who wears winged eyeliner almost daily, this is a must have. The tub is huge, so I suspect it may dry out before I get to finish it, but the price is much less than what I was paying before, so I think I will live. (It's $11-12 depending on where you buy.)

5. NYX Honey Dew Me Up primer - This was a new addition to the NYX lineup that came out earlier this year. I have been reaching for it more often, over my mattifying primers, since the air is dryer and I'm not trying to suck all the moisture out of my face. The primer has gold flecks in it, similar to other certain higher end primers that have gold flecks (~Guerlain~) The primer is moisturizing upon application, and has a scent to it that fades. I don't know if the gold flecks do much of anything, but they look cool in the bottle. A little goes a long way, and I find that this primer agrees with the rest of my face makeup. When paired with a mattifying setting powder, I find that I have a mostly 'satin' look by the end of the day - nothing overly greasy, but not super matte.

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