Monday, January 5, 2015

Review - Koko Lashes #103

I always love finding a new natural looking pair of false lashes. So when I opened these Koko lashes in a package from Bisous Darling, I was thrilled! Perfect gift, since I wear falsies every day and love trying new pairs. I've worn them a few times, and am ready to review these (I know she's been waiting!)

Koko Lashes #103
Close up of #103 lashes

I love how natural these look. When speaking with Bisous, she said they reminded her of the Au Naturale style from House of Lashes that I love so much, and I can definitely see the resemblance. These lashes have staggered lash lengths, which small bunches - some bunches longer than others, creating a variety of length that adds to the natural feel. The individual lashes are thin, so they don't come off with a very blunt tip. The band is clear, which is always a plus. When I removed the lashes from the case, they were a bit floppy and didn't hold their shape, but were still fairly easy to apply due to the thin band. After wearing once, the lashes held a curved shape (and yes, even after I removed the yucky old glue!) so they just need a little bit of structure which is provided by the lash glue. The lash band is quite long, which mean these can be trimmed to fit any eye size.

I'm definitely going to order these on my own, and check out what other styles Koko Lashes have to offer!


  • Clear band
  • Lash tips are not very blunt
  • Varied lash lengths
  • Long band, easy to trim
  • Easily applied
  • Band is a bit floppy at first
  • Somewhat delicate, comes with the natural looking lash territory
Koko Lashes #103 - $3.99 for one pair.
Review - 5/5


  1. Seems relatively inexpensive. I've always wondered how many times you can wear a pair of fake lashes?

    Not that this information will every be necessary for me, muahahaha *bats all the lashes*

    1. Depending on the quality, and if you keep them clean, they can be worn multiple times. I wear some pairs 10+ times.