Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Review - ColourPop Lippie to Go set

ColourPop products have been popping up (I hate myself) everywhere! Some think they are run by the Illuminati, or at the very least, they are paying a ton of shills to push the product everywhere. I believe the explanation is much more simple - they sent promo items to a few YouTube personalities, and then sales picked up because all products are $5. You heard right - five freaking dollars! So it's easy to see why sales are up and people are picking up ColourPop!

I was super fortunate enough to receive a cute set of ColourPop lipsticks and lip liners for Christmas from Bisous Darling! The set is limited edition, but the colors are all available individually. The set is perfect - each lipstick comes paired with a lip liner on the other end. The set has five colors that span a nice range of wearable shades (ColourPop also offers some non-traditional shades as well.)

ColourPop Lippie to Go set
Lippies to go!

Top to bottom - Brink, Grind,
I Heart This, Frenchie, Bichette
In the swatch photo, the lipstick is on the left, and the liner is on the right. All swatches are one swipe! I've worn the shade Brink, and it wore well. I paired it with a lip primer, and I did not experience any bleeding or feathering (thanks lip liner side!) Application was smooth, and the product wasn't drying to my lips. I really think the formula for these is a pretty good deal for $5 a pop (ha! I still hate myself.) especially if you'd like to try a color you may not wear too often.

  • Two in one product
  • Smooth application
  • Pigmented
  • Limited edition set
ColourPop Lippie to Go set (limited edition) - $20 for 5x 0.014 oz
Review - 4/5


  1. These look awesome. I keep seeing them everywhere and now I need all of them. That double sided thing is brilliant, though, they should've really kept that going.

    1. You can try and order ITS ONLY FIVE DOLLARS but yeah I love the double ended style.