Friday, April 10, 2015

Review - ColourPop Rebound Eyeshadow Foursome

ColourPop isn't really new anymore, they've been around for a little bit and have become quite popular. With $5 lipsticks and eyeshadows and $8 blushes that get the job done, who can say no? I picked up their spring release eyeshadow quad, the Rebound set, and am happy to review it!

ColourPop Rebound
ColourPop Rebound

Rebound eyeshadows clockwise from top left - One & Done,
Too Soon, Ex, Adios
The set is four individual eyeshadow pots, instead of a quad palette. The pots are screw tops with a clear lid so you can see the shadow color through the lid! The bottom has a sticker with the name and the type of finish the shadow is. The four shadows in the set are:

  • One & Done - matte
  • Too Soon - metallic
  • Ex - pressed pigment (with a note that this is not for use for the immediate eye area!)
  • Adios - matte
ColourPop shadows are a cream to powder formula, meaning they are a soft cream like consistency in the pot, and then blend out like a powder on the skin. Because of this, I found that a synthetic brush worked better for some of the shades over a natural hair brush due to the creamy consistency of some of the shadows. The swatches below are on bare skin and are one to two swipes with a brush. 

Wrist swatches of One & Done (top) and Too Soon (bottom)
One & Done is described as a "soft butter cream ivory with a matte finish." It definitely is matte, but I'd say it leans more towards a regular cream shade than an ivory cream. On my skin it blends right in, making it a nice base or very slight transition shade. This shade had the cream consistency in the pot, but blended out like a powder just fine with a natural hair brush.

Too Soon is a "golden peach with pink opal iridescent duo chrome finish" according to the ColourPop description. Swatched on me, it comes up as a barely there pinky shimmer. It performed much better over primer, with the pink opal of the description really showing up more. I found this shade hard to use with a brush, and that patting it on with my finger gave a much better result, as it had more of a cream consistency in the pot than some of the matte shades.

Wrist swatches of Ex (top) and Adios) bottom
Ex is a pressed pigment, meaning it has ingredients not approved in the USA for use in the immediate eye area. I used it on my lid with no issues, but in case you are sensitive, keep this in mind. The shade is described as a "bright coral red." The color is matte, and can be built up to be a very hot red shade, or sheered out. I found that this shade worked best with a synthetic brush to really blend out the edges.

Adios is a "smokey taupe gray," but I found that it swatched and wore more like a warm brown shade. This had decent pigmentation, and can be built up to be a nice dark outer corner color. I liked using a synthetic brush with this shade as well.

Overall the quality of the set is just okay. Too Soon can be quite sparkly and I wish it had more pigmentation to it other than just being a shimmery overshade, but it is a very nice sparkly shade. Ex is a lovely pigment, and I thin it'll be a really fun spring/summer color. I wish Adios was more true to its description, but it's another brown shade that can probably be duped. The set can be split up and used with other colors, but can be used together to make some really nice, cohesive spring looks. The fact that it's $20 for 4 eyeshadows is quite appealing, and I do think that you get a decent deal for the money you pay with ColourPop.

ColourPop Rebound Eyeshadow Foursome - $20.00 for 4 0.07 oz eyeshadows
Review - 3.5/5
One & Done - 3/5
Too Soon - 2.5/5
Ex - 4/5
Adios - 3.5/5

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  1. I kept looking at this set and I could never feel enthused enough to get it. I guess I made the right decision!