Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Arcana Scent Review - Apples Crave Cake and Cat's Whiskers

I'm still relatively new to Arcana scents. My first encounter was with the Meow Collection, where I picked up some decants. (And then tracked down some full sizes hell to the yeah!) These samples were sent to me when I picked up a full size bottle of Two Finger Ballet, funnily enough. I believe these scents are both limited edition, yet they are both still readily available.

Cat's Whiskers - Only for true sybarites. Rich eggnog, dark rum, a suggestion of waffles, a hint of  smoky bacon, and 1 tiny drop of sparkling mint. The first sniff for me is baked goods - that must be the waffles. I can smell a hint of mint in the background. Applied the mint and egg nog come out stronger, and I get a smell of maple syrup - probably more waffles! This smells a little Christmassy to me, it must be the mint and egg nog coming together with a hint of syrup and cinnamon (is that the rum? Spiced rum, maybe?) The throw on this wasn't incredibly great, it held close to the skin. Sort of my own personal Christmas waffle cloud.

Apples Crave Cake - Fresh, crisp red apples blended with our yellow cake layering note. Upon opening the vial, the scent is apple cinnamon. The good kind, not the super harsh cheap wax candle kind of apple cinnamon that scalds the nostrils. When applied, the cake comes out, and it smells exactly like fresh apple cider donuts. Not the Dunkin' Donuts ones, either...the fresh ones baked at the apple orchard you pick up when you go pumpkin and apple picking. I had someone sniff me at work to confirm. I tweeted that I smelled like an apple cider donut. I LOVE this! The sillage was decent, not too much, but I felt like I left a trail of bakery goodness in my wake. The perfume lasted a good 7-8 hours on me, and I smelled the faint traces of cinnamon sugar on me as I headed to the gym after work.

You can pick these up from the Arcana ebay shop, the Rhinestone Housewife shop, or Pretty Indulgent.


  1. I used to like food-y scents but my nose seems to prefer more "grown up" scents of late. These do sound interesting, though!

  2. Apples Crave Cake is magnificent. That is all.