Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wet n Wild Silver Lake Collection Palettes

I will admit it - I'm a bit of a makeup snob. I usually wouldn't look twice at a Wet n Wild collection. But when I saw the Silver Lake collection for spring, the California Roll palette really caught my eye - I HAD to have it. Of course, I saw it like two months after it came out, and I ran around to a ton of drugstores trying to find it. I finally lucked out at a Rite Aid near me, and of course then I saw full displays at my local Wegmans. But I digress. I found the palettes for this collection to be super cute, so I picked up two!

Like I mentioned, California Roll just called to me. The unique shades of the palette scream spring and summer, and the combo of bright shades in the white tray is just so cute. I also picked up Vinyl Collection, which was the neutral palette out of the collection (other palettes had pinks, blues, and purples.) Even though I have more than enough neutrals, this palette looked cute and handy, and the olive gold shade looked pretty cool.

I was pleasantly surprised with how well the bright palette swatched with no primer! The second nude shimmer shade is there, it just happens to blend into my skin tone really well. That coral red shade is something fierce. The green is a bit lacking, but I have found that other brands with acid greens swatch poorly (ahem - Sugarpill) so I am not too concerned. The shades were all a little bit on the powdery side when picking up product, but did not have a ton of fallout. I honestly have no idea what I'm going to do with this palette, but it puts a smile on my face knowing that I have it because it's so bright and sunny!

I was not as impressed with Vinyl Collection as I was with California Roll. A lot of the shades here I really had to build up to get a decent swatch. The matte shade at the top is there, it just really matches my skin tone. I've actually been using it as a base eyeshadow shade! The bottom matte brown with gold sparkles was one of the most disappointing shades, as it applied very patchy. The two middle shades, the gold and shimmering taupe, were actually very nice. 

The Silver Lake collection is limited edition, and each of the palettes is about $4.00 (depends on the retailer, I picked mine up for $3.99 each at Rite Aid.)

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