Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner!

So I wanted to pick up Cinema Secrets brush cleaner during the Sephora sale, but of course it was sold out. When I saw it came back in stock, I jumped on the chance to pick it up! I try my best to wash my brushes once a week, but some of my brushes get more nasty more quickly than others. I tried to remedy this by buying extras of my most used brushed (Zoeva Concealer Buffer, Hakuhodo J5523) but nothing beats a nice, clean brush. Cinema Secrets is supposedly one of the items that the big bad pros use between clients on their brushes to keep everything clean and sanitized, so why not keep a bottle on my vanity?

To test this stuff out, I decided to clean up one of my concealer brushes. These are easily the gunkiest of my brushes, since the concealer I use is a a thicker consistency (NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer.) The brush pictured has about four days of concealer yuckiness built up. The directions say to spray the brush while holding it 1-2 inches from the spray nozzle and rotate to be sure you get the whole brush. Wipe it off on a clean tissue, and then wait for the brush to dry.

My brush looks great! I don't think anything replaces a good deep cleaning, which I intend to keep doing, but I think this will be great for mid week de-gunking (look at that before shot...urgh.) 

Look how much concealer was in that brush!! I also cleaned up one of my fluffy blending brushes, the brush I use for swatching (oh god the amount of stuff in that brush...) and the base shadow brush I use daily - all looked great! When the brush is dry, it also smells like vanilla.

The spray bottle is 2 ounces, and is $8 at Sephora. You can also get bigger sizes of this, and there are instructions available for dunking and swishing your yucky brushes around, too!


  1. I've heard about Cinema Secrets but didn't realize it was a daily brush cleaner. I use Sephora's in-house one right now, but I might check this one out when I run out!

    1. I've been cleaning my concealer brush daily for a couple days now, and I haven't had any shedding. Granted, it's a synthetic brush, but hey - the stuff works!

  2. Smells like vanilla? CONSIDER ME SOLD.