Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crème in So Sofia - Review

As soon as I applied my first Marc Jacobs lipstick, I knew I was going to be picking up another one. I was hooked! This is the shade I picked up in my Sephora sale haul a few weeks ago.

So Sofia is listed as an "electric watermelon." It is very, very bright! When blotted, it's a bit more toned down, but that brightness is still there - it's a perfect spring and summer shade. When applied, the formula goes on smoothly - the lipstick is super creamy. The shape of the lipstick itself is more chunky and rounded at the top, there's a "tip," but it isn't like a NARS Audacious or MAC lipstick tip, with a sharp edge. I had to go in with a lip brush for the more detailed parts of my mouth, but that's because I'm clumsy and still can't apply lipstick - you may have better luck. There's still a rounded tip, and it isn't flat by any means (unlike those new Bite Butter Cream lipsticks.) There was no noticeable scent when applying. One swipe was enough to get true to tube color, but the formula is buildable to get a brighter hue.

I wore this with no lip liner, but with a lip primer. I did not find the lipstick to be drying. and it was comfortable on the lips. There was no feathering or bleeding outside of the lip lines. I did notice some transfer onto my cup, but it was nothing crazy. Over time, I did see some gathering of color into my lip lines, and some highlighting of flakes on my lips. It didn't appear to be noticeable from a distance, however - I doubt anyone is as close as I am when I am inspecting my lipstick for a review, but it is something to note. I also noticed fading on the inside of my lips. The lipstick left a light stain.

The packaging, as I noticed in my last review, has that great magnetic closure - a little extra bang for your buck. It's still plastic, but it gives that little extra luxe feeling. Although this lipstick has a couple of drawbacks, I still really dig the formula. I'm not sure that the line has too many more shades that could fill gaps in my collection (since I'm not really a red lipstick kind of person and I have 30948358 mauvey pinks!) but if there are more additions, I will definitely check them out.

  • No scent!
  • Very pigmented
  • Smooth application
  • No bleeding or feathering
  • Some transfer
  • Color gathers into lip lines
  • Some flake highlighting
  • Inner lip fading does occur
Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crème in So Sofia - $30.00 for 0.12 oz
Review - 4/5


  1. Oh wow, I love that colour. The formula also looks really nice.