Saturday, May 23, 2015

GREAT SUCCESS - How I Scored Three LE Arcana Scents

I've been writing about indie perfumes for a couple of months now. My first foray into Arcana scents was with a decant circle for the Meow Collection, and I lamented the fact that I hadn't picked up full sizes after the fact since I fell in love. Ever since then, I have just ordered full sizes, and usually it's been a good idea (except for that time it wasn't.) since I love the scent and then don't have another regret that I can think about while trying to fall asleep at night.

However, I managed to end up getting full sizes of all of those Arcana Meow collection scents I fell in love with. How I did it was somewhat embarrassing. I went and posted my review of the scents on the Indie Makeup and More subreddit, as one does. Then, I started perusing Sunday Swap threads and leaving requests for the scents in question, you know, in case someone wasn't digging theirs, I'd be happy to pick it up. But then I made my own request post in the permanent sale sub, a sign of true desperation. Other users started directing people to talk to me if they mentioned even possibly parting with Fluffing the Bunny or Two Finger Ballet, that's how desperate I looked. (I hadn't decided on Jabberwocking as a OH GOD I NEED DIS yet.) I wound up in a comment thread about something totally unrelated and managed to get a bottle of Fluffing the Bunny that way. One down, two to go.

A couple of weeks later, Julie, the lovely owner of Arcana, posted that Two Finger Ballet was back up on her eBay shop. I missed the listing by a few minutes and commented my disappointment. But then she commented back that she may have some more to re-list! I actually let her know that I would be refreshing her page in anticipation. This is a new low for me, guys. I don't need brand owners knowing how bad I need their stuff. It's like I got my first hit and I'm waiting on the corner for that vanilla ice cream creme brulee fix. But she kindly replied to my comment with the listing (that I was already on and checking out hahahaha told you I was refreshing!) and I had my bottle! Two down.

Jabberwocking was really easy, it was in stock on the Rhinestone Housewife. I got the last one. Suck it, nerds.

So managing to get a limited edition scent or thing in the indie world is pretty simple, I found. Stalk destashes, pray that brand owners have extra stock, and shop around. Hopefully you'll be able to find your white whale!


  1. My secret: have no life and ensure you're always online.

  2. Mine is same as swimmingmonkey, except also be desperate with too high of a price threshold. i paid like 30 bucks to get my bottle of skipping vespers. i have no shame, but i sure smell good. B) i'm glad you got your fixes!