Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sephora "Extraordinary Rewards" Point Perk Release

Extraordinary Rewards Promo
If you're anything like me, you do quite a bit of shopping at Sephora, even though after every mishap (like sales where you feel you deserve more off, or bungled orders, etc) you swear you're going to shop there less. So since you shop there quite a bit, you probably have a few points saved up, since the regular point perks aren't really anything to write home about. About a week or two ago, Sephora sent out the above promo via email, letting everyone know that WORTHWHILE, AMAZING REWARDS ARE COMING! (Brace Yourselves!) The email said that another email would follow letting you know when the rewards would be available for Beauty Insiders to redeem, and they gave vague hints as to what would be available, such as sets from Kat von D and the pictured Urban Decay Naked Vault.

But...that email never came. (At least for me...the emails are technically still rolling out. As of this post, I haven't gotten mine.) The point perks silently went live on May 5th, at 4 AM EST/1 AM PST, and were snatched up within seconds. Canadian customers were barred from the majority of the perks. People waking up at a decent hour logged online to see forums already fuming at the fact that the perks were gone, and then they joined the masses in complaining that they didn't get a chance. I myself called the Rouge hotline and wrote a strongly worded email that I didn't even have a chance to try and redeem my points, because I was asleep like a normal human being.

Sephora, of course, handled this with their usual grace and aplomb no coordination or idea of what to do. Some people heard from Customer Service Representatives that there would be more perks on the way. Others heard that people "hacked" the site to get the rewards, and that their orders would be cancelled. Some people called to voice their complaints and were given points to smooth things over. (I was not offered points on either of my calls.) One of the Representatives I spoke with said they had "No idea what they were going to do about the situation," and that "Some people managed to get access when the perks went live early by mistake." Clearly, Sephora has made a mess of things, as usual, and is scrambling to make a recovery.

Once again, being a VIB Rouge has not paid off whatsoever, since I haven't even gotten the email that states the "extraordinary rewards" are available. As of right now, there is one reward currently left - a Josie Maran set with three products that do not have noted sizes (most likely deluxe minis) and an autographed cookbook by Josie's favorite chef. You can see why this is the last perk left - it's value is not worth the 1000 points it is listed for.

Right now, I am just waiting for Sephora to apologize for royally screwing up (again) and for possibly being offered some sort of token of their appreciation for being their customer through another one of their messes (yeah right.) But the drama sure is making the day go by quickly!


  1. The Sephora FB page is frustratingly amusing - they're cherry picking the posts to reply to. Anything with a mention of the extraordinary rewards is silent, any other issue and they're all over it!

    1. They replied to my email last night, and gave me 500 points to apologize. Too bad there aren't any perks I want! D: