Friday, May 29, 2015

Sugarpill Charmy vs. Hello Waffle Lumps - Comparison Post

Whenever I swatch indie products, I always end up reminded of another product in my collection. This time around, I was swatching a sparkly pink shade - Hello Waffle Lumps eyeshadow, and was reminded of Sugarpill Charmy Chromalust loose eyeshadow. I decided to make a post to see how they stack up side by side!

Sugarpill Charmy (left) and Hello Waffle Lumps (right)
Sugarpill Charmy is listed as "sweetest babydoll pinky peach with iridescent fuchsia reflects." It's a very soft, girly shade. Hello Waffle Lumps is a "peachy-pink shimmer with subtle purple sparks." Both eyeshadows have peach, both have pink, now let's swatch them out!

With no primer, Charmy leans more peach, with Lumps leaning more pink. Since there is no primer to keep the sparkles in check, both shadows have their sparklies going every which way. Lumps has more of an iridescence to it.

Here is the swatch over primer! (I used Too Face Shadow Insurance.) Sugarpill Charmy is much more peachy than Lumps, which is much more of a satiny ballet pink. The sparkles are now in check, and they blended nicely with the shadows to create lovely satin shadows instead of glitterbombs. Though the eyeshadows looked very similar in their containers, they are very different on the skin.

Sugarpill Charmy is $13 for 0.14 oz of eyeshadow. Hello Waffle Lumps is sadly discontinued, but was apart of the Adventure Duo offered earlier this year. 

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