Sunday, August 2, 2015

Fresh Skincare Favorites 500 Point Perk

I love Fresh face products. However, they're a bit pricy. So whenever a Sephora point perk for a Fresh item pops up, I try and snag it. Recently, they had a 500 point perk available that I added to one of my orders.

The Fresh Skincare Favorites set came in a Sephora box with a decorated Fresh sleeve on it. Inside were the products with a bit of black crinkle cut packing worms. The box was too big for the products so they rattled around inside a bit. I've found that the majority of all 500 point perks come packaged like this, unless they come in a makeup bag.

With the set, you get four items. It stands to note that many 500 point perks come with five items, making it a combo of five 100 point perks. You can't help but feel a little cheated here, since you're spending 500 points on four items, and 500 points can be equated to $500. (You really shouldn't think of it that way, but everyone does...) Looking at the point perks available right now, both have five items inside. But I digress, here is what comes in the set:

Soy face cleanser (.6 oz) - $38/5.1oz = $4.47
Rose face mask (.6 oz) - $62/3.4oz = $10.94
Black Tea Perfecting Mask (.67 oz) - $92/3.3oz = $18.68
Seaberry face oil (.16 oz) - $50/1.6oz = $5.00
Total = $39.09

I happen to love the Seaberry oil and the Black Tea mask, so this set was worth it for me. I already have a Rose face mask from a prior 100 point perk, but these masks are expensive ($62 for the full size!) so having more than one deluxe mini doesn't hurt. I brought the Soy Face Cleanser with me on a recent trip, as it's perfect to toss in a carry on clear bag for flying.

Personally, I'm happy with the point perk, but I can see where others are coming from with getting shorted a product. The grand total does fall short of $40, but full sizes of all these items are on the pricier side so I enjoy being able to pick these up as point perks.

Did you snag this point perk? How do you feel about the 500 point perks in general, are they usually a hit or a miss? (I tend to wait for stuff I really like, such as the Marc Jacobs perk a few months ago...that also only had four items...)

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  1. I got this one too - for me, it's worth it, because I'm not going to pay for Fresh's stupidly overpriced masks no matter how much I like them, and I already spent that money at Sephora, so I might as well get something I'm actually going to use out of it.