Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sixteen92 Merry and Bright Perfume Oil - Review

This scent was a Black Friday exclusive from Sixteen92. Of course, I'm reviewing it late, but the hope is that it will pop up in destashes from time to time.

Merry and Bright has a description of "a plate of freshly-baked frosted sugar cookies set out on Christmas Eve night, dusted with snowy powdered sugar; roasted chestnuts drizzled with caramel; mini marshmallows toasted by the fire; twinkling lights and stuffed stockings." From the vial, the first notes are of caramel and vanilla. The scent is very, very sweet, bordering on sickly. Wet on the skin, the caramel is most prominent. As it dries down, the chestnut note is more noticeable. The scent of cookies and sugar is present in the background after the oil dries. This scent definitely evokes the holiday spirit for me, and I've been wearing it for weeks after Christmas has ended. (I like Christmas...)

Unfortunately, this scent fades on me after three to four hours. On a more positive note, the throw is great - I feel like I'm walking into a house with freshly made cookies every time I wear it. Overall I'm happy with this one. I wish it lasted a bit longer, but sometimes having something this heavy and sweet can be too much after a period of time.


  • Very sweet
  • Christmas cookie-esque
  • High sillage
  • Lasts for only about four hours
  • Limited edition :(
Sixteen92 Merry and Bright Perfume Oil (Limited Edition) - $14.00 for 6mL
Review - 3/5

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