Friday, February 12, 2016

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Celebrity Skin - Review

If you haven't noticed, liquid lipsticks are some of my favorite products. I like the fuss free idea of liquid lipstick, since the best ones are applied and stay put. The really good ones dry down without sucking all the moisture out of the lips as well.

Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks have become quite popular - so much so, that I had to wait a while to catch this shade in stock! I have a few others on my list to try that won't be in stock for a few weeks, but I'm happy to play with this one in the meantime. I picked mine up from Beautylish with a few other items.

Celebrity Skin is a "soft brown nude with a peachy undertone." The shade is definitely on the browner side of peach, but it isn't a straight up brown - there is definitely a lighter element to it lending it to be a very nice nude. It definitely isn't a pink leaning nude, though, so if that's your preference, this shade wouldn't be for you. Like most liquid lipsticks, this comes with a doefoot applicator. However, this doefoot is slightly curved, leaving a short portion on the bottom, and a longer overarching curve to assumedly fit the curve of the lip. I have no issues with this applicator, as the end is a small tip, allowing for the corners of the lips to be reached. When applying, the product is smooth and applies evenly, one coat is usually enough to get full true to tube color. But when applying...the product smells. It smells like straight up paint. It fades pretty quickly after drying, but still...not fun. The product dries to a fully matte finish in about a minute. Applying another layer on top of a dry layer does not cause issues, either!

I have worn this with and without a lip primer, and the product was not overly drying either way. I experienced no bleeding or feathering, and had very little transfer when using a cup. However, after eating, there was some more transfer, but the majority of the product stayed put. I did experience the color sinking into lip lines a bit, but pressing my lips together to redistribute fixed this right away.

If you're able to get ahold of this shade in one of the very hyped restocks, I definitely recommend it. I really like the formula, it's up there with the Kat von D liquid formula in my book. (Aside from the smell!) If you aren't able to catch this one soon, it IS a permanent shade, so there's no need to worry.


  • Pigmented
  • Applies smoothly
  • Lasts forever!
  • Relatively non drying
  • Very little to no transfer if you don't eat!
  • No bleeding or feathering.
  • It does not smell good. Period. Can't even fluff this, it is not a nicely scented product.
  • Some transfer after eating, especially anything greasy/oily
  • Consistently out of stock, and restocks are hyped to high heaven.
  • A little bit of gathering into lip lines, but it is easily redistributed by pressing the lips together.
Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Celebrity Skin - $18.00 for 0.19 oz
Review - 4.5/5 (it smells SO bad.)

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