Monday, February 29, 2016

February 2016 Favorites

Happy Leap Day! Another month over, which means another month of favorite products!

  1. Haus of Gloi Body Emulsion - Haus of Gloi is somewhat known for their pumpkin butter, which is available in their seasonal scents as well as general catalogue scents. However, I prefer their lighter body emulsion. The lotion, though light, is still very moisturizing and absorbs quickly. My bottle is labeled with their unscented version, but it's actually First Blush - my favorite Haus Valentine's collection scent! I dumped a sample vial of perfume oil into the lotion and shook it up, and it came out perfectly! I'll definitely be doing this with other scents I need a lotion of.
  2. MAC Face and Body foundation - I'm not trying to brag, but my skin has been really good lately. Like, really good. So I decided to pick up a lighter foundation to just help with any light redness that may come up, instead of using it to cover imperfections. MAC Face and Body is very, very light coverage - exactly what I was looking for. It's very liquidy and applies easily using a beautyblender. The coverage is buildable, and since it's so light, it doesn't get cakey. I've really enjoyed using it, although sometimes I need to mix in a bit of liquid highlighter since it can be a little flat.
  3. My Scheming Mandelic Acid sheet mask - My first My Scheming mask - I received this as a gift from a friend, it didn't work out for her. Her loss is my gain, because I LOVE this mask! My skin is so hydrated and BRIGHT after using this, not to mention free of redness! The mask is silk and so clingy, it fits very well. They're a bit fragile but I am excited to see what other masks My Scheming has to offer! (I may or may not have ordered a sampler set - whoops!)
  4. Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow in I524 (Pinky Beige) - Since I'm really boring, I tend to do the same eye look a lot - warmish smokey eye with a shimmery lid. I'm always looking for new shimmery lid shades, and I picked up this one this month and love it! I'm a huge fan of the MUFE Artist formula, they're wonderfully pigmented and blendable. This shade has an iridescent finish, and looks wonderful alone or layered on top of a matte shadow for a bit more sparkle. I apply this with a flat brush just in case there's some sparkle fallout.
  5. Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask - This mask...I hate that I love it. I hate it because it's ridiculously expensive ($52!) for something you put on your face at night and gets rubbed all into your pillow. I love that it was gifted to me - I couldn't spend that type of money on this sort of thing. But what I love the most about it is how soft and radiant my skin is in the morning. I know that there's a ton of skincare out there that works just as well as high end stuff for cheap...but this sleeping mask is the real deal. It's light yet very moisturizing - it sinks in to my skin quickly which means less mask on the pillow. It's scented - lightly floral - but not overly so. (Unlike the Too Cool For School sleeping pack...) I mentioned that my skin has been looking super great lately, and I don't want to credit this...but I recently started using it nightly and the effects are there.

A lot of focus on my skin this month! It's really paid off - I'm enjoying makeup even more now that I have a beautiful canvas to work with! Hopefully March brings more spring-y colors to next month's favorites.

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