Tuesday, June 14, 2016

May 2016 Favorites!

Another month, another set of favorites! Late, as usual, because I really am the worst.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray - I picked up the travel size bottle when I went to Texas in April to try and combat the heat and humidity. Now that's also hot and humid at home, I've been using this over De-Slick pretty much daily. My makeup isn't melting off my face halfway through the day (or rather, as soon as I get into my sunbaked car...) so I think this stuff really works! I'm not an all night partier, so I don't know how true the all nighter claim is, but the setting claim certainly is true!

Urban Decay Naked Skin One and Done  - Two months in a row! This sits so light on the skin, making it perfect for summer weather. I've found that it applies best on its own (it has SPF but not enough for sun protection since you aren't loading it on) or over sunscreen that has had 15 minutes to sink into the skin. I've applied this with my fingers and with a beauty blender, and I like the finish for both. I don't always pair this with a primer, since it's supposed to be an all in one product, but I do need a concealer with it for anything needing more coverage.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone - Another travel size! To be honest, the regular size is such a massive bottle of highlighter that is seems unnecessary, so I was happy Becca released Moonstone in this smaller size. (I have a full size of Pearl, going strong for over a year...) This liquid highlighter goes on sheer and can be built up to fulfill your disco ball dreams. It sinks into the skin making it look more natural than a powder highlight, and it also doesn't emphasize my skin texture as much. I've worn this with no base products, just a few taps onto the high points of my face for a natural glow.

Givenchy Mister Mat Primer - I liked this when I initially bought it, then I fell out of love, and recently I've picked it up again! I found that the key to using this primer is to really wait at least 15 minutes after my sunscreen has been applied to make sure there's no pilling of product when I apply. That, and doing more patting than rubbing into the face makes this work really well. I definitely notice that my face looks less greasy over the course of the day when I use this. Unfortunately, it's a little expensive for a primer ($38!) so it may have to wait for a sale should I decide to repurchase.

Sixteen92 Lolita EdP - (Full review here!) I'm one of those people who takes too long on their eyeliner or false lashes in the morning, so when it comes time to select a scent, I get overwhelmed. I've been grabbing Lolita lately, because it's so easy to just spritz on as well as being super fruity and summery! I really do love my EdP Lolita over the perfume oil, it lasts so much longer and seems much brighter over the course of the day.

If you haven't noticed, waiting 15 minutes after you apply your sunscreen before applying your makeup is a real game changer! Even something as fast absorbing as the Biore Watery Essence that I use can really benefit from some time to sink in. What have you been loving lately?

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