Monday, July 18, 2016

Etude House I Need You vs. 02 Therapy Air Tea Tree Sheet Masks

Etude House I Need You sheet masks were the very first Asian beauty item I ever tried. I ordered a set of three hyaluronic acid masks from RoseRoseShop, and the rest was history. I really liked the I Need You masks, they came in a ton of flavors, they worked well for me, and the fit was nice. But then they were discontinued. I was so upset, but at least Etude House was releasing a new line of masks, right? I ordered some of the new masks from Jolse (Tea Tree and Pomegranate, two of my top ones from the old line) and I happened to get a Tea Tree I Need You mask as a bonus gift. I decided to compare the old one to the new one to see if the new line measures up!

The I Need You mask was listed to have "soothing properties on skin to provide a fresh, clean complexion." The new 0.2 Therapy Air Mask has the tea tree flavor listed with "the effect on keeping the skin fresh and moist for a long time." Both masks have a tea tree scent - something I like, but others find strong or off putting. I find that tea tree really helps soothe any brewing blemishes, or clear up ones that need a bit of a kick to get off of my face. There are three types of essence in the 0.2 Therapy Air line - moist water, ampoule, and emulsion. The tea tree flavor is a moist water type, with a clear essence that applies smoothly and absorbs quickly ("lightly and freshly" according to the product page.) The old type of essence was the same - not too thick, absorbed quickly.

Looking at the ingredients, both masks have tea tree leaf extract (melaleuca alternifolia leaf extract on the label) and camellia sinesis leaf extract (aka green tea!) The new mask has a load of other goodies, such as licorice root extract (for redness and brightening), eucalyptus, lavender oil, mandarin oil, and lemon extract. The old masks had gingko biloba leaf extract, honeysuckle flower extract, peach leaf extract, peony root extract, and scutellaria baicalensis root extract. Both masks do contain alcohol, which I know is a trouble ingredient for some people. (0.2 Therapy AirI Need You)

The I Need You mask started to dry out after about 45 minutes. There was no essence left inside the packet, but the mask itself was decently saturated with essence, though it was not dripping in any way. The mask itself has a good fit, if a little wide. The fabric of the mask is relatively thin, and clings nicely. When it started to dry out, the edges did lift a little bit. After this mask, my face was lightly hydrated, and the skin was bright and smooth. I had a blemish on my jaw, and the next morning it had healed up a bit.

The 0.2 Air Therapy mask also started to dry out after about 45 minutes, and I found that the cheek and forehead area dried out first. After removing the mask from the package, there was more than enough left over to slather the face again. The mask itself was heavily saturated with essence. The new mask is much thinner and clingier - Etude House's site states the new mask is a "natural vegetable sheet." The mask itself is 0.2 mm thick - hence the name! The fit was really good for my face - not too wide, not too long. After removing the mask, my face was lightly hydrated, bright, and free of redness. A blemish that was brewing had calmed down the next morning.

I feel that the new mask is a good replacement for the old formula - they both are lightly moisturizing, but really deliver on brightening, reducing redness, and calming the skin. Thankfully, the new masks are around the same price point, which was one of the really great things about the I Need You line. I picked up a set of 3 masks for $4.06 from Jolse.

If I were going to give a review for the new 0.2 Therapy Air Tea Tree mask, it would be a 4.5/5!

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