Monday, October 3, 2016

Sugarpill Liquid Lip Color in Trinket - Review

I was able to get in on the original release of Sugarpill's first liquid lipstick earlier this year. They're finally re-releasing it, and they've made some changes to the formula as well as the packaging - so my review won't be able to discuss the changes, only the original release.

Trinket is a "creamy matte mauve infused with luminous golden sparkles." The lipstick is more of a pinky nude with lots of gold shimmer. The lipstick formula is more of a whipped lipstick, sort of like Fyrinnae's lip lustres - a mushy lipstick that's easily spreadable. The lipstick applies easily and smoothly, with one coat covering the lip. The formula isn't patchy, and the sparkle is pretty evenly distributed (at first - more on that later.) After applying, the lipstick is mostly pinky nude with some gold shimmer lurking underneath that isn't terribly in your face. I found it close to NARS Orgasm gloss, giving a shimmer without being frosty or metallic. The lipstick has a heavy creamsicle scent that dissipates after applying. The lipstick dries to a comfortable matte finish, which was not overly drying. There were no issues with bleeding or feathering.

The lipstick wears well at first, but as you go about eating, drinking, or if you lick your lips, the pinky lipstick part wears off leaving lots and lots of gold shimmer. I wound up with patches of solid gold shimmer on my lips throughout the day. Reapplication fixed the issue, but the gold would eventually resurface and change the lipstick to be a much harder metallic gold with some pink mixed in. Additionally, reapplication was easy with no disturbing the lipstick underneath. To keep the initial color of the lipstick, I found myself needing to check on the state of the lipstick and reapply after every drink or every few hours.

I do like the overall formula a lot, I think Sugarpill did a great job. Hopefully with their reformulation the fading issue is resolved, and if not, I would still like to try non-shimmery shades in the future! The new packaging is a shorter, stubbier tube without the mermaid artwork. I'm happy I got the LE artwork, it's super cute!

  • Easy application
  • Applies smoothly
  • Scent that does dissipate
  • Non drying
  • Color fades leaving only gold behind
  • Frequent reapplication needed to maintain original shade
  • Heavily scented
Sugarpill Liquid Lip Color in Trinket - $18.00 for 0.21 oz
Review - 3.5/5

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  1. Ahhh this looks so gorgeous! I've never tried any Sugarpill before - I'll have to sometime!