Friday, March 13, 2015

Scaredy Cat Cosmetics Haul and Swatches

I think my winter depression is starting to pass and I'll be back to updating regularly. I hope so, at least, as I have a backlog of things I want to talk about! I am happy to be reviewing another indie company, Scaredy Cat Cosmetics! I ordered five of their Trial Vials. The turnaround time was great, and received them about a week later!

Trial Vials, Left to Right; Flounce Cat, Rose Gold, Phoenix Tears, Sakura,

Flounce Cat swatch - left over bare skin, right over Pixie Epoxy
A "sexy shimmery nude pink with gold highlights," Flounce Cat has quickly become one of my favorite new eyeshadows. Without a sticky base, it is a sheer wash of shimmer that can be quickly applied for a subtle wash. Over a sticky base, the golden highlight really stands out.

Rose Gold swatch - left over bare skin, right over Pixie Epoxy
On the site, Rose Gold is described as just that - rose gold. I am a lover of all rose golds, so this was immediately added as one of my five sample vials. The color is very soft with no base, but takes on a more golden sheen over a base.

Phoenix Tears - left over bare skin, right over Pixie Epoxy
Phoenix Tears is a "subtle orange with pink undertones." The soft orange is more apparent with no base, but over a sticky base such as Pixie Epoxy, the pink and gold sparkle in the shadow is more apparent.

Sakura, left over bare skin, right over Pixie Epoxy
Sakura is described as a "fierce metallic burgundy." Without a base, as you can see in the swatch, the color applies somewhat patchy. Over a base, the product performs just fine, and you can see some sparkle.

Bacchus - left over bare skin, right over Pixie Epoxy
Described as a "soft gray-violet," I would say that Bacchus is more steely than soft, especially over a sticky base.You can see that the shade has a bit of fallout, or is a little messy. The shade is still beautiful, whether on its own or with a base.

I'm really very happy with all of the shades I picked! The Trial Vials offer a HUGE amount of product, and each almost filled the 5 gram jars I placed them in. (The vials are adorable but super impractical, unfortunately.) I've worn all the shadows I've received, and have had no issues with creasing. I've already placed a second order!


  1. Those vials are SO cute. Shame they don't work out kept in there better.

  2. These win the cutest packaging award ever! I'm tempted to buy these just for those bottles, haha.

    How do these perform over regular primer? Is there no difference or would you recommend pixie epoxy?

    1. They work just fine over regular primer, but if you're looking for the extra oomph, go for the epoxy.