Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 2015 Favorites!

End of another month already! It's time for my March favorites...this time I've included a bath/body product to mix it up a bit.

1. Nivea In Shower Body Lotion - On the recommendation of a few reddit friends, I picked up this in shower lotion from Nivea, and I am in LOVE. This winter has been especially bad for my skin concerning post shower dryness, and I have been going through a ton of body lotion. This makes life a lot easier, especially getting the small of the back that is hard to get by yourself! There are several formulas as well, for normal to extra-dry skin. I will definitely be keeping this in my shower for a long time to come.

2. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer - I don't know how I haven't picked my go-to concealer for a Favorites post yet. I love the Radiant Creamy Concealer (RCC for short!) and I use it for everything - blemishes, under eyes, and covering any extra redness. I find that it is the perfect consistency of a little creamy but not too thick, buildable but not coming out cakey. The only letdown is that there's a very limited shade range for this concealer. (I use Vanilla.)

3. MAC lipstick in Viva Glam Miley Cyrus - When this was announced, I didn't really think twice about it, owing to my large collection of pink lipsticks. However, I received it as a birthday gift from some friends, and it looks fantastic on me! It's an amplified finish hot pink, a little bit darker than the photo shown here. Of course, all proceeds go to an excellent cause, which is another great gift from my friends.

4. Becca Ever Matte Poreless Perfecting Primer - Another one of my go to products. When Becca says matte, they mean MATTE. I wear this primer and at the end of the day, I may end up with a satin finish on my foundation, and that's a big may. I know the application may be tricky for some, but my best advice would be to get a sample if you can, and try warming it up on your fingertips and try patting it on to areas that are extra oily during the day, and then blending out with a patting motion from there. Be sure your moisturizer and SPF have fully sunken in before applying the primer.

5. By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Bronze Moon - This was another gift from my friends, and I was floored when I received it! Ombre Blackstars are a new favorite product of mine, and Bronze Moon is a lovely addition to my collection. These cream shadow sticks blend beautifully, and they are gorgeous just worn alone and blended out. My new quick eye look is taking a Bronze Moon to the lid, blending out to the crease, adding more product to the lid, and adding a little liner and mascara for a quick, subtle daytime smokey eye.

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  1. I'm so on the fence about VG Miley. It's such a pretty color, but bright pinks have annoying tendency to turn neon once they're on my lips :(