Monday, July 20, 2015

Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Make Up Powder - Transformation Brooch

This isn't something I'd normally post, but this makeup item happens to be near and dear to my heart. Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon is one of my favorite anime/manga/all around things, and when it's combined with makeup and limited edition items...well, I just about lose my shit. For the 20th anniversary (2012), Bandai came out with the intial Miracle Romance compact (using the Crystal Star), with preorders reaching ridiculous heights. I received mine in early 2013, and have cherished it. Luckily, if you missed it, Bandai is re-releasing and you can get your hands on it, now that hype has calmed down. This year, Bandai went back and released the Transformation Brooch, which is now sold out everywhere and being price gouged on Ebay. I preordered this in March, and it arrived just a few days ago after shipping in mid June. 

I don't ever plan on using this face powder, it's a collector's item for me. You'll probably see this pop up along with the Crystal Star and some other gashapon brooches I have in some nail of the day posts - they're really cute! But under the jump we'll have some more photos as I show off my new prized possession!

Here it is! The Transformation Brooch - when Tsukino Usagi says the words "Moon Prism Power, Make Up!" this is the item that transforms her into Sailor Moon. You can see that it has the words Sailor Moon  along the bottom edges - I wish they'd just left it plain.

Opened up. I haven't taken off the plastic - I'll get there. The little puff is cute, with a pink ribbon. The entire compact is pretty sturdy plastic - much sturdier than the little gashapon brooches I have. Along the mirror there is some detailing.

Under the puff, is the powder itself, and the plastic overlay. I really, really wish they had done the inside of the brooch like they had done with the Crystal Star, it makes it that much more...authentic? I'm really not liking this nail polish bottle overlay. But it is a plastic overlay, so there's no pattern to be ruined if you do decide to use the powder. You can get a better idea of the mirror detailing here, as well. 

See what I mean? Next to the Crystal Star, this overlay just isn't as fitting. Having the overlay of the ginzuishou just feels right. Granted, the Transformation Brooch doesn't have a slot for the ginzuishou, and if I recall correctly it doesn't pop open so it has no inside...but come on, a nail polish? It's a bit of a let down.

The two compacts, side by side. I have to say, the Crystal Star looks a little less cheesy. If only the new one didn't say Sailor Moon all over it! I really hope they keep making these, they are some of my favorite collector's items that I have. 

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  1. Honestly I have this powder and I try using it sometimes, but it's so difficult! It's a real glitterbomb!! Using this honestly makes my face look like I am in suspended magic-transformation with all the shimmer. It's weird though because it also mattifies well so it's like...contradicting itself lol.