Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Corvus Cosmetics Mini Haul and Swatches

So a little while back I decided to put in a mini order at Corvus Cosmetics. My first order was great, so why not go back for more? (I may or may not have a third order with stuff from the new collections in the worlds. No ragrets.)

I picked up two shades from the Westerburg collection, based off of the movie Heathers. I was also given a sample shade of Urania, from the Mouseia collection.

Is That Pâté? is described as a "slightly shimmery warmer-toned taupe." Over bare skin, the sparkles do not really blend well into the shadow and are loose. Over primer, the sparkles blend in with the pigments, really creating the shimmer in the description.  

MTV Video Games is a "bright yellow-toned lime green." Over bare skin, the shadow is not as vibrant as in the jar. Over primer, the color is more amplified.  This shade of green definitely leans more yellow for me. There was no big sparkle to it, which was a nice change of pace. 

Urania is a "near-black navy base with a strong blue and turquoise shimmer, with gold and silver sparks." I am not a huge fan of black based shimmery eyeshadows, but this is near black. Over bare skin, it just does not perform that well at all. The dark base is patchy and the sparkles are everywhere and this is why I am not a fan of dark base shadows! Over primer, though, the shadow unites and looks lovely. The sparkles come together to form a beautiful shimmer, and the near black base amplifies the blue. I used this as a liner, and it really brightened up.

Always happy to order from Corvus, and I can't wait to see what comes in the mail from the latest collections!

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  1. Is That Pate is so pretty! It's a pity Urania doesn't do well without a primer, but man, over primer it's gorgeous.