Friday, April 14, 2017

March Sephora Play! Box

March's theme is The Gleam Team, focusing on products that highlight and shimmer. It's finally starting to warm up, so it's nice to see some lighter, springier products to try! Unfortunately, i was kinda meh on this month's box, only because a lot of the product don't work for me. The value is good though - I definitely prefer the Sephora box over other subscription boxes due to the brands that are given out each month. But let's take a look at March's offerings!

Josie Maran Surreal Skin Argan Finishing Balm - I find that the whole argan oil thing that Josie Maran has been doing this entire time is a bit played out, but I'm not going to turn down a sample of an expensive product. This is supposed to be a "skin care finisher and makeup primer in one." My only issue with this is that I wear sunscreen daily, so would I put this on before or after sunscreen? I used this on a no makeup day under sunscreen, and although it did have a slight blurring effect on my pores, I didn't get any wonderful moisture or glow from this. I like the packaging of the baby jar, though. The mini jar is 0.1 oz, and a full size is $30 for 0.5 oz (that seems kinda steep...)

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal - I was a little disappointed to get this, only because Opal is a bit too deep for me (but definitely a good choice to cater to a wide variety of tones, so I'm not mad.) I have Moonstone, Pearl, and Champagne Pop in this formula, and I LOVE them! This highlighter can be sheered out on top of foundation, built up, or even mixed into foundation for an all over glow. The tube in the box is actually the perfect size - the full size pump is huge for highlighter, and even the "travel" size is kind of a lot! (But I'm the type of person who uses highlighter sparingly.) The mini tube is 0.34 oz, and there are two options for a full size - 0.68 oz squeeze tube for $19, and 1.7 oz pump bottle for $41. (The 1.7 oz is like a foundation tube!)

Atelier Cologne Clementine California - I actually really like this month's fragrance sample! Clementine California is a very bright citrus, yet slightly green scent. I'm happy to have a sample vial, because full sizes are very pricy. The mini vial is 0.06 oz, and a 1.0 oz bottle is $75. I would personally get a 0.25 oz rollerball for $25, just because I rotate through a lot of fragrances.

Verb Ghost Oil - I love getting hair samples, since I'm honestly terrible with my hair and have no idea what to get. Ghost Oil is a restorative treatment that can be slathered all over the hair. I've used it a few times, and what I've gathered so far is that a little bit goes a long way. I have very fine hair, and too much of this makes my hair flat and a little greasy. I haven't noticed any immediate benefits when using this, so I don't know if I'll go out of my way to purchase a full size. I have other hair oils that are scented that I find to be more fun than this. The sample mini is 0.57 oz, and a full size is $14 for 2 oz.

Glamglow Glowstarter in Nude Glow - Another glowing moisturizer! Like the Josie Maran balm, this didn't do too much for me since I put sunscreen on top of my moisturizer. This product is supposed to "blur, reflect, and enhance the complexion," which was not very evident for me after applying sunscreen.  As for its moisturizing properties, it wasn't anything to write home about for me. The color didn't really make a difference, but the nude shade was relatively pale. I won't be buying a full size of this, and I'll be surprised if I finish this mini size. The sample tube is 0.34 oz, and a full jar is 1.7 oz for $49.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Big Bang - I LOVE the UD Vice formula, so getting this was exciting! I know metallic lips are in right now, and though they're not exactly my cup of tea, it was nice to get something other than a red lipstick. This mini tube (which is so cute!) is 0.03 oz, and a full size is 0.11 oz for $17.

...and that's March! A little disappointing, but I'll get over it. A question - does anyone actually use the little included card with the box for an additional 50 Sephora points? I always forget about mine!

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