Wednesday, August 9, 2017

July 2017 Favorites!

Another summer month has past, and I managed to not melt in the process. This month's favorite's have a bunch of warm weather staples, and some warm weather colors.

NARS Pore & Shine Control Primer - This primer has been a GODSEND during hot and humid days. It keeps the oil on my face at bay like none other, and when paired with my other mattifying products, it makes almost any foundation last all day with minimal shininess. I'm really happy that I found this one. The only issue I've had is that if I don't really let my sunscreen sink it, it may not play nicely and cause foundation to flake.

KL Polish in Pistachio Ice Cream - I broke down and bought three nail polishes from KL Polish (Kathleen Lights's nail polish brand, fyi) after seeing a bunch of Instagrammers large and small raving about them. The praise is 100% deserved! This lasted a solid week on my nails with no chipping and no tip wear. The brush is also shorter and wider, which I find helps with even application. This shade is my favorite because green is my favorite color (and it's summery!), but the aqua and nude pink shades I bought performed just as well.

Becca Light Chaser highlighter in Opal Flashes Jade - Becca recently released their new Light Chaser collection, and they're all gorgeous. I bought two, but Opal Flashes Jade is my favorite because it's unlike anything else I have in my dragon hoard of makeup. The regular Opal highlight is a bit too dark for my skintone, but this one manages to work. The green shift is subtle yet striking when the light hits it. It shines in daylight, but manages to be subdued when I'm at my desk at work. Highlighters are my way of achieving a "summer glow" since I hate going outside in the heat, and when I do, it's loaded up with sunscreen. I'm really happy I decided to pick this one up, although I do not need more highlighters!

Missha All Around Safe Block Essence Sun - My favorite Biore sunscreen was recently reformulated, and not for the better. Searching for a replacement, I bought this off of several reviews. It's lightweight, sinks in quickly, and plays well under makeup. The only real drawbacks are that it's only SPF 45, and only PA+++. I'd really prefer 50 and ++++. I've been using this constantly this summer, especially because I hate going outside and I don't NEED SPF 50 24/7 when my only sun exposure is going to my car in the morning.

belif Aqua Bomb - I went through a mini of this, and now have a full size! It's a lightweight gel cream - my preferred form of moisturizer due to having oily skin. I've been using this at night, and putting a little extra on to act as a sleeping mask as well. My skin is soft and hydrated in the morning, without feeling choked out by a heavy cream. I'm about halfway through my jar, and I will probably order another as soon as I've finished!

Hope you're hanging in there with the summer heat and humidity! Hopefully August brings more glowy, colorful products.

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