Monday, July 31, 2017

Beautibi Haul & First Impressions

After seeing many Beautbi packages come across Fifty Shades of Snails' Instagram feed, I finally succumbed to temptation and placed an order myself! Beautibi's About page describes the shop as "A boutique Asian skincare + lifestyle destination, created with the intention of introducing innovative products and brands from Taiwan and South Korea." I've been intrigued by the shop after Fiddy's posts (she is very, very good at influencing!) and following the shop itself on Instagram, so I was excited to pick out some masks!

I placed my order on a Thursday, and I got my shipping notification five hours later! My order was in my hands three days later on Monday. I didn't reach the free shipping threshold, so it was nice to see that the shipping I paid for ($6.75, but it looks to be $6.99 now) was super quick. Everything was wonderfully wrapped in tissue paper, with personalized Beautibi stickers and tape. I received a super generous sample packet with an array of brands offered by the shop, including super teeny sample sheet masks. A cute confetti packet was also included - I thought it was loose tea at first. Just the way everything was packaged and all the extras included had me feeling good about my order.

I decided to get two sheet mask sets, from Taiwanese brands KinGirls and L'Herboflore. This is my first time trying both of these brands, though I've used and really enjoyed some Taiwainese masks in the past (notably My Beauty Diary and My Scheming!) Here's what I purchased:

KinGirls Fresh Fruit Facial Mask Set:

  • Multi Fruit Facial Mask
  • Raspberry Extract Invisible Face Mask
  • Grapefruit Invisible Face Mask
  • memo pad (it's seriously so cute!)

L'Herboflore Party Sweetheart Mask Variety Set:

  • Sweety Black Tea Balancing Mask
  • Sweety Cocoa Moisturizing Mask
  • Sweety Strawberry Whitening Mask

The KinGirls mask set was $16 (each mask usually $6) and the L'Herboflore set was $10 (individually $4.) I've used one of each mask so far, so I wanted to share my first impressions on them.

KinGirls Raspberry Extract Invisible Face Mask - The packaging on the mask says that the essence contains raspberry extract for conditioning and softening the skin, and that it will leave your face hydrated and glossy! The fabric of this mask was so, so thin and clingy - no wonder it's called an invisible mask! The mask came with a protective backing that helped with unfolding and putting the mask on. There was a decent amount of essence, enough to have some leftover, but not so much to cause the mask to be overly drippy. The fit, however, left something to be desired - it was really, really wide. Beautibi recently announced that the brand had heard a lot of feedback on the fit, and they were changing it, which is really good to hear!

The mask started drying out around the 35-40 minute mark, which is more than enough time for me. Afterwards, my skin was bright and even, and nicely hydrated. My skin had absorbed nearly all of the essence, so there wasn't much left to pat in, and my face wasn't tacky afterward. My skin wasn't super plump, but there was definitely a bit of bounce! I didn't think that my face was glossy, but it was hydrated, so the mask lived up to what it claimed. I really enjoyed the mask fabric and the light essence, so I'm hoping my other two masks are just as nice! I would purchase more after the fit has changed.

L'Herboflore Sweety Black Tea Balancing Mask - If you've been following my IG or my blog for a while, you know that I'm a total sucker for tea ingredients. This mask touts having black tea and yeast extracts for brightening and improving skin dullness. Horse chestnut and white willow extract are two more featured ingredients for helping with oil control and refreshing skin. The mask packet had SO MUCH ESSENCE! Thankfully, the mask itself wasn't overly drippy. The mask had a protective backing, and was thin and decently clingy. The fit was good, not like a glove, but not overly wide or super long.

This mask began to dry out around the 45 minute mark. After removal, my skin was even and bright, and lightly hydrated, along with being a bit bouncy. There wasn't much essence left to tap in, and my face wasn't sticky afterward. The next morning, I noticed a few pimples, but I can't attribute them to this sheet mask as it was the trail end of my placebo pill week and that could also be the cause of any acne. I liked the mask and am looking forward to the other two from this set. Also, the artwork on the mask (and all of the other L'Herboflore masks I checked out) was really pretty.

Overall, I'm really happy with my first Beautibi purchase! I liked both of the brands I tried, and I'm excited to try the rest of the masks I got in my order, along with all of the samples. Between the shipping, the presentation, and the actual products, I definitely see myself making another order. (You know, when I make a dent in my mask stash!)

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