Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sephora Play! - The Iconic Edition

In mid-June, Sephora released a VIB Rouge exclusive Play! box. The description of the box promised a set of all luxury brand minis for the price of $20. In general, I like my Sephora boxes, so I decided to go for it - $20 for some high end goodies sounded like a good deal to me! Of course, the package arrived while I was on vacation, so I had to wait to rip into it. However, I'm super pleased with my purchase!

The Iconic Edition box came in a sleek, all black box. The box was the same style as the monthly box, but the all black was a nice touch. Everything was packaged in a gold zippered makeup bag. A mini guidebook to the products and brands was included inside the makeup bag, the covers in a black heavy duty paper, and the inside like a glossy catalog. My only complaint about the packaging was that the Play box was shipped in a larger Sephora box (which was then sent via Flash shipping.) I'm sure the double boxing was as to not ruin the sleek aesthetic of the Play box itself, but it was just excessive. Other than that complaint, all of the packaging definitely added to the luxe feel of the box.

I'm usually meh about perfumes being included with the regular Sephora Play box, but the two fragrance minis included in the Iconic box are a very welcome upgrade! The miniature bottle of Dior Poison Girl is adorable - it's the same shape as the full sized bottle. The fragrance is a fairly new release, so this is an extra special way to try it. Poison Girl is fruity and feminine, I can see myself reaching for this regularly. The mini bottle is 0.17 fl oz, much more than the typical perfume sample. Additionally, the Tom Ford Black Orchid touch point mini is a rollerball - just the sort of extra touch I'd expect from Tom Ford. The Black Orchid mini is 0.1 fl oz, half the size of the rollerball available for sale. I'm not the biggest fan of Black Orchid, but it's a fragrance I'd wear if I wanted to feel really fancy. (And you only need the smallest amount, so this will last ages!)

I usually don't purchase super fancy primers, because I look for oil control and not something gimmicky. I feel that the Guerlain L'Or Pure Radiance face primer is a bit gimmicky, you don't need gold flakes on your face. However, I wouldn't have bought it myself, so this is a fun way to give it a try. I've only used it a couple of times, and it isn't the best for oil control, but damn if I don't feel fancy putting it on! It's a tiny pump bottle - I'm really liking the fact that these minis all have the same packaging as their full size companions, instead of just sample packaging. The primer is 0.16 fl oz, and is a perfect travel size.

Mascara minis are always well received by me, especially because it's much more feasible to finish up a mini in the three month shelf life an open mascara should be used by. (This is really the only makeup expiration "rule" I follow, though.) The packaging for the Burberry Cat Lashes mascara box was super pleasing, it was a full Burberry check box made with heavy cardboard, just like the full size. I actually really enjoy the formula as well -it's on the drier side and gives decent length and separation, and the brush isn't monstrously huge. Unfortunately, the full size is $30 and I can't justify that on something that will be thrown out in three months and would likely be unfinished. I can, however, justify adding this to my Christmas list. This mini is 0.11 oz, and will be getting constant use until I have to part with it sometime in September.

Mini lipsticks are my favorite, because I have so many lipsticks that I doubt I'll ever finish a full one. The mini in this box is YSL Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-in-Stick lipstick in 49 (bright strawberry pink.) The product name certainly is a mouthful. I believe these are the replacement to the old Rouge Volupté Shine formula. I haven't played with this yet, and I think the shade may be a bit too cool for my liking, but I'm excited to try the new formula! The mini lipstick even has the same design as the full size, though it's a plastic tube and not as intricate.

The final item in the Iconic box adds the most value - a 0.24 oz mini tub of La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream. The La Mer alone has a value of about $40, double what the box itself cost. (Not to mention the value of all of the other minis, which definitely adds up!) The only other La Mer product I've had was a teeny tube of eye cream, so this is a welcome addition in the box. I tried the cream and it's a bit heavy for summer, so I'll be saving it for when it's drier out. The cream also has a heavy floral fragrance to it. (My face was super soft after using it though!) I can say that right now I don't think I'll be a La Mer customer, as I can find effective products for a fraction of the cost. But I can TOTALLY see myself being a La Mer customer when I'm over 50 and have money to burn!

Overall, I was really happy with the Iconic Edition box. Like most Play boxes, or even other subscription boxes, not every product was a hit, but I felt that I got a lot of bang for my twenty bucks! I like the the idea of a Rouge only box, just because the Rouge perks are becoming less and less with every year. I also enjoyed that it was a "luxury" box, and that the minis included all fit the bill with detailed packaging and high end brands. It would be interesting if Sephora could put together a box with all high end new release minis, instead of one newish item and product line staples. If Sephora offered another box like this, I would definitely pick it up!

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