Wednesday, July 5, 2017

June 2017 Favorites!

Summer has started, and therefore my makeup has changed to be lighter to try and keep up with the humidity. My favorites from the last month have all been about getting the most out of the smallest amount of product, so I don't have as much makeup melting off of my face! (I don't do well in heat.)

Kat von D Lock-It Setting Spray - I got this in the middle of the month while I was away in Los Angeles - I needed something to melt all my powder into my face. The mister on this is INCREDIBLE! It's basically why it made the list! The spray comes out so, so fine. It does a decent job of keeping makeup on my face as well. But that's definitely the best mister for setting spray I've come across so far!

Kat von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper - This is my HG liquid liner, and I've been reaching for it nonstop. With my face getting sweaty, I'd rather emphasize my eyes with winged liner than an assortment of eyeshadows. This liner doesn't budge unless I scrub at it with a makeup wipe or remove it with an oil cleanser, so it's perfect for sweaty summer days. I do put down an eye primer and a nude eyeshadow for optimal staying power, though. I feel like I'll be needing a new one of these soon!

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Wonderland - Ever since I picked this up last year, Wonderland has been a favorite shade of mine. Not only is the formula phenomenal, the color is perfect for summer! (Also every other time of year, a deep pink lip is sort of my thing!) This shade leaves a nice stain behind, so even though it isn't bulletproof, it doesn't require as much maintenance as other lipsticks.

LancĂ´me Juicy Shaker in Vanilla Pop - The complete opposite of a full blown lipstick, Juicy Shakers are light, perfect for summer wear! Dabbing the product on doesn't even require a mirror and takes about ten seconds. I've been wearing Vanilla Pop for a hint of color on my lips when hanging out outside (ugh...) or going out to the movies - places where a full face isn't really needed. They're super gimmicky, but damn if I don't love them! Shaking it up is so much fun.

Glossier Skin Tint in Light - I purchased this at the end of June, but I immediately fell in love with it! I've used it almost every single day since it arrived, either alone or mixed with another product. Thankfully, my skin is looking pretty good (a total humblebrag, I won't lie!) so it doesn't need much more than a little evening out, which this provides. Since it's so light, it doesn't have any obvious separation as the day wears on, which is good when I'm sweaty and greasy in the humidity. After my first batch of Glossier products, I really want to try more! (Though I doubt I'll give up my full face looks anytime soon!)

That's everything for June! Do you find that you change up your routine as the weather heats up? What do you love for summer?

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