Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Glossier Haul & First Impressions

Glossier is a brand that has been making more and more waves in the beauty community lately - new releases all lining up with the barely-there makeup "cool girl" aesthetic caught my eye. I'm not one to skimp on makeup, but since my dedication to skincare has really paid off, I can see the appeal of a hint of coverage and color. After seeing friends pick up some products, and getting a recommendation for their skin tint to help bring some life into a bb cream formula I really like, I decided to place an order. I was super excited to play with these items and write about my first impressions.

I bought three items my first time around - Perfecting Skin Tint, Balm Dotcom, and Cloud Paint. I ordered on a Friday (payday!) and the items were in my mailbox Monday morning. It helps they dispatch from a state away from me, but the quick turnaround time was definitely a plus. I also tracked down a 20% off code which helped me make my purchase a little more palatable - Glossier's prices are within typical mid-end pricing. Since my order was over $30, it also shipped free.

The packaging on all of the products is fairly sleek and minimalist - more "cool girl" aesthetic. The Skin Tint didn't have any excess packaging which was nice. I thought the cake themed packaging for the Balm Dotcom was cute, and the Cloud Paint had a slide open box.

Birthday Balm Dotcom ($12, 0.5 oz) - The LAST thing I need is more lip balm, clearly. I was intrigued by the newly released Birthday balm, so I added that to my cart to try first. The Birthday balm is inspired by the naked birthday cake from Milk Bar Bakery - and I love the look of those cakes! (more ~aesthetic~) The balm itself is thick and emollient and has a definite sparkle to it, but no tint. It has a heavy cake scent - but just a scent, the flavor of the balm is definitely not cake. I wish it was! The balm is not sticky even though the consistency might lead you to believe it is sticky. It feels a little heavy on the lips.

The packaging leaves a lot to be desired - I don't like squeeze tubes for balms as thick as this. Another offender is the Bite Agave Lip Mask - the formula is just too thick for a squeeze tube. I feel like I'm going to pop the tube open, especially when there's a little opening that you have to force the product through.

Perfecting Skin Tint in Light ($26, 1 oz) - I have a bb cream that I REALLY love the finish/wear of (Dr. Jart+ Black Label BB) but it looks super gray on me. A friend of mine suggested the Skin Tint from Glossier to help add some color back into the bb cream without losing too much of the things I like so much about the formula. This was actually the big reason I wanted to purchase from Glossier - the other items I had heard good things about/can't say no to cake things.

I purchased the shade Light, which is the fairest shade in the line out of five. I can't really speak to how deep the "rich" shade goes, but due to how sheer the formula is, I could see the five shades stretching across most skintones, undertones notwithstanding. (I also have no idea if the shades would be ashy on darker tones, but they at least didn't quit at medium and call it a day.) The formula of the Skin Tint is very light and liquidy. I applied with a beautyblender by dotting product around my face and blending out. If I picked up product with the beautyblender to start, I lost a lot of product to the sponge. I used this over NARS Pore & Shine Control Primer, and there was no conflict between the two. The coverage was insanely sheer, though it did what the description claims and worked to even out my skin tone, and left me with a dewy finish. A finish I then ruined with powder because I knew it wouldn't last otherwise.

The wear on the product was what I expected - my face did start to show oil around midday/four hours of wear. However, I did not turn into a super greaseball thanks to the powder and mattifying primer I paired with the Skin Tint. Since it's so sheer, I did not notice any visible breakdown of the makeup as the day wore on, which was nice.

The Perfecting Skin Tint does just that - perfects. You need to have super good skin to start with if you're expecting it to do much 'perfecting' - if you need anything more than evening out, you'll need to go in with additional products. (I covered my undereyes and a couple of pimples with concealer as well.) Due to the thinness of the formula, you should be starting with dry, perfect skin - oily skin will show through fairly quickly, especially if you don't set with powder. On the perfecting portion though, it does the job well. I've yet to try it with my bb cream, but I can see myself reaching for this in a pinch should I just need to look a little more polished.

Cloud Paint in Dusk ($18, 0.33 oz) - I really like cream blushes, and when Cloud Paints came out a couple of months ago, I saw some really positive feedback. There are four shades, and I picked Dusk, the nude shade. The formula seems a bit thick, but it blends out easily. I thought the shade was going to be too dark at first, but as I blended it, the shade sheered out nicely.

The blush had a sheer, natural finish, no shimmer. My freckles were clearly visible through the Skin Tint and the Cloud Paint. It was still visible after applying powder over top. However, it did fade noticeably through the day, probably because I didn't pile it on. It faded nicely though, and blended in wth my skin. The Cloud Paint is definitely meant to add just a hint of color to the cheeks, in like with the barely visible perfect skin to start with look. Again, this could definitely be a go-to for super quick looks.

Overall, I like everything I purchased - some more than others. Glossier products definitely live up to the idea that you're just perfecting perfection with sheer coverage and light hues. Thankfully, my skin was in a good place and didn't need too much to be able to walk out the door.

I want to mention that for the longest time I thought Glossier was pronounced with a faux French feel, like "glossy-ay." It isn't, it's "glossy-er," and I was just a little let down by that fact. I felt sophisticated and fancy with the French-y sounding name. I still say it like that to myself.

If you'd like to purchase from Glossier and get 20% off, you can use my referral link. I get $10 in store credit if you make a purchase using the link, but there's no pressure from me! I understand blind buying from the internet can be tough, and a discount certainly helps.

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  1. I believe it's actually pronounced with the faux french thing, because when I found out, I was the opposite of you, I would've loved it if was glossy-er lol