Monday, June 5, 2017

May 2017 Favorites!

Another month = more favorites! I went pretty crazy during the April VIB Rouge sale, and I fell in love with some of those products, and they've made this month's list.

Haus of Gloi First Blush perfume oil - An old favorite! It's from the Valentine's collection, but I find myself wearing this throughout spring and summer. Fresh, fruity, and feminine - I can't get enough of it. I have the perfume oil, two lotions, sugar scrub, soap...I love this scent. It's one of my all around favorites when it comes to indie scents. A little dab goes a long way, so my bottle has lasted me over two years without reaching the halfway point.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush Soft Glow Duo in Flesh & Fantasy  - What a name! A couple of instagrammers I follow were always posting this blush, so I decided to buy it during the sale - and I'm 100% glad I did! This blush gives an incredibly natural nude flush - I always blend the two shades together. The finish is barely satin, no large or even small pieces of glitter or shimmer. The blush formula is finely milled, not overly powdery, and blends beautifully. I have yet to overdo it with application, which means less work for me! This is becoming my go-to blush, due to it's ease of application and natural finish.

Kat von D Lock-It Brightening Powder in Petal - Another sale item! Petal is supposed to be for fair-light skin tones, the pink shade to brighten the undereye area. I've been using it instead of my Laura Mercier powder for my undereyes, and I really like it! The pink shade is not PINK on the skin, and it definitely brightens the area - I find myself using a little less concealer underneath than I was with the regular translucent powder. It isn't as finely milled as my LM powder, though. I find that I have to add a little at a time to help prevent caking/creasing, even applied with a damp beautyblender. I do have a complaint about the packaging - the holes in the sifter are either a bit too large or there are too many - a LOT of powder comes up to the top, causing it to get all over the place. I am really enjoying how it enhances my look, and I'm glad I bought it!

Viseart Neutral Matte palette - I held off on buying this for what feels like over a year. I own a ton of neutral eyeshadows, this palette is expensive ($80!), I can dupe it from what I already have. But again and again, I kept hearing about how amazing the formula is, that they're the best mattes on the market. So, I broke down and treated myself for my birthday. lives up to the hype. The only complaint is that some shades kick up a little excess powder, but that's t. They apply smoothly, blend beautifully, and aren't SO pigmented that you need to be careful, but enough so that you aren't digging your brush into the pan to apply enough product. I can pair two shades from this palette with a shimmer on the lid and call it a day - and I have been doing that frequently. I'm glad I added this into my collection, I feel it's worth the price.

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream in Fair - Another mouthful of a name. I got this product for free (technically) with my Ulta rewards points, which makes it even better that I love it so much! Thankfully I have a shade match - the range for this line is really lacking (though they have added a couple of shades.) This foundation? CC cream? we'll say foundation - has a natural finish, and a little goes a long way! Two pumps is a heavier medium to almost full coverage on me. I apply with a beauty blender to really get the most natural looking finish, and it looks like skin on my face when I don't use too much. I also find that this product keeps me from looking oily as well, when paired with even a hydrating primer. I still have more than a handful of foundations I rotate through, but this one is the one I'm probably going to end up repurchasing.

I'm happy to have some new products in my favorites this month, though I love having repeat products too - that's the point of a favorite, right? We're moving into summer, so I'm excited to see what products I'll love as the weather heats up. What have you been loving lately?

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