Monday, June 19, 2017

June Sephora Play! Box

It's been a while since I discussed the monthly Sephora Play! box, so I decided to jump back in with June's box. The theme for this month was Summer Starters - all products to help keep your face and hair in check as the weather heats up (and where I am, gets bogged down with humidity.) Let's take a look at what I got this month!

Versace Bright Crystal - This month's perfume pick! A disappointing one, as there is a mini sample this perfume available for 100 points in the Sephora Rewards Bazaar. As for the scent itself, I'm not a huge fan - too much of a white floral scent for me. I shouldn't be so hard on the perfume sample, as it's technically a bonus on top of the other samples...but give us something we haven't been able to get elsewhere on the site! A full size bottle of this perfume is $55 for 1 oz.

Benefit Porefessional - Another disappointing product, mostly because I already know I don't like Porefessional! Add it to the fact that a Porefessional mini was the Ulta birthday gift a few months back, and suddenly I'm swimming in samples I won't use. I get why this was added - pore and shine control in the summer months. It just isn't a primer I'm a fan of, unfortunately. This is a super mini sample at 0.10 oz, and a 0.75 oz full size is $31.

Kat von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lovesick - I'm a fan of KvD liquid lipsticks, but I was not thrilled with this shade choice - because it was a 100 point perk this month, and I had already grabbed one! This is going right into my destash pile, as I don't need two minis of the same shade - especially a shade that I don't think looks fantastic on me. It fits the theme for this month, though, with it being a long lasting matte lipstick. The mini lipstick is 0.10 oz, and a full size is $20 for 0.22 oz.

Verb Sea Spray - Finally something I wasn't disappointed by! I have a few other salt sprays, but Verb has quality products, so I'm happy to try it. Also, it's a great travel sized bottle! This bottle is 2.4 oz, listed on the Sephora site for $7.

Coola Green Tea & Aloe Setting Spray - I loooove green tea products, so I'm excited to give this a try. However, I believe Sephora threw this in for it's SPF 30 - which won't be effective unless you load up on spray. SPF needs to be applied in adequate amounts for actual sun protection, a few spritzes from a setting spray won't get the job done. I'll probably keep this in my purse for makeup touchups in addition to my usual SPF 50 sunscreen. The mini is 10 mL, and a full sized spray is 50 mL for $36.

Klorane Dry Shampoo - Another new to me product! I go through dry shampoo pretty quickly, so I always welcome new samples. This has a light scent, and left a light powdery reside on my hands after rubbing it into my hair. I probably wouldn't buy a full size ($20!) but I'll be using this sample. This mini was 50 mL, which is the full travel size and can be purchased from Sephora for $10.

So it's about 50/50 for this month's box in terms of products I'm excited about. Sephora needs to not include products you can easily get from the Rewards Bazaar - it feels like they're just throwing surplus product into the subscription box sometimes. I still prefer the Play! box over other subscription boxes though, as I know the samples will all be well-known brands. Not to mention just one of the items this month made up for the cost of the entire box.We'll see what comes in next month's box!


  1. Great products! I need to check it out.

  2. Great products! I need to check it out.